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October 28, 2003


Well I like Joe Millionaire 2 because the gals are a bit different being European but I have to think David is kind of naive. When he said he didn't know if you could fly a horse on a airplane I couldn't belive it. How does he think all the horses race all over the USA flying from New York to California and coming from England and France for the Breeders Cup. And that is in Texas next year at Lone Star Park.

Good point Marlene. But, I probably would have been caught off guard by the issue of air traveling horses just like David was. Out here in west Texas we see horses and cattle being carted around in trailers behind trucks all the time. And I suspect that's also the way they moved the rodeo animals David was accustomed to. But, you are absolutely right. It seems so obvious now.

BTW, I was glad Olinda got kicked off the show. She might be a fun person to be around, but she was really starting to get on my nerves. However, I have to remind myself sometimes that what we are seeing is a fraction of what actually went on, and the producers could make anyone look bad if they wanted to.

I loved Joe Millionaire 2. Maybe it's b/c I'm a Texan and it's nice to see a "good 'ol boy" get some action. From the beginning, he showed the southern charm we all love about being in Texas. Ok, so the injustice is that he portrayed Texans as being somewhat of dufuses, but hey, can't win them all. From beginning to end, he was always conscientious about treating the girls the best he could with what he was given.

I am ecstatic he chose Linda, somehow, I felt that would come to be and am glad of his 2 heads, he thought with the right one.

Christine, I agree. As an unofficial representative of our state David did a darn good job, in my opinion. I believe he touched a lot of people.

I'm looking forward to some sort of follow up to find out if he and Linda stayed together.

I loved the show. I thought David and Linda were made for each other. I would like to see a follow up show, that would tell us if they remained together, and where life has taken them both.

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