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October 02, 2004


I saw the Leno segment and was surprised at how little was said about the movie. These guys generally show up to promote their next film, and there was basically no comment about the clip that ran.

It's a shame that Billy Bob and Angelina couldn't make it work...they were made for each other (equally strange, in other words).

OTOH, I did think his comparison of Shakespeare's plots to soap operas was perceptive. He had it just backwards, of course; we'd be better of if they stopped doing soap operas and did more Shakespeare.

There was a great scene in "Shakespeare In Love" in which the play "Romeo and Juliet" ended with Juliet's death, and the audience just sat there momentarily in stunned silence. A great scene, and entirely realistic. I dunno, maybe soap opera audiences sit there in stunned silence, too.

But, at least BBT didn't try to compare "Romeo and Juliet" with "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town."

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