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January 30, 2007


I thought you were pulling my leg, George. But sure enough, amazon.com has some, too. Doesn't that take all the surprise out of laundry day though?

Okay, while this has nothing to do with laundry, sometimes you run across a link about something and you've just gotta share - and this seems like an appropriate time and/or place...

Remember toe-socks that girls sometimes wear - y'know, they're usually rainbow-striped or have some cutesy seasonal or flowery design? Well, you can get a perfomance version of those over at this site:


These bad boys are intended for hiking, running, and other such athletic-type situations.

Dunno why this post made me think of these, but well, there ya go!

~Les, maybe that could be another age related question, such as: do you appreciate surprises in your laundry?

~Rob, those are some weird socks, but they might be good for people who would like to go barefooted but want to cover up ugly feet.

Who needs sock rings......I just staple mine together.

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