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August 23, 2007


Good to know, thanks for sharing, George!


If you would like some information about bump proof locks, I would be happy to provide you with an article on the Bilock high security cylinder. I am a locksmith with 31 years in the business and we have an online store providing consumers the opportunity to purchase Bilock bump proof locks online. You may contact me by e-mail or give me a call. 800-508-6889.

Dave Jabas

Dave, that's very interesting. I might be in touch.

Lock bumping becomes even more of an issue when you try to claim losses on your insurance because there is no sign of forced entry and insurance providers can assume the door was left unlocked. This happened to my friend. Anti-bump locks are the best solution to the lock bumping fiasco -- google it.

And here I thought Schlage and Kwikset were good locks.

I'm unclear on something though. When the lock is bumped, the key turns it and the door opens -- Are deadbolts then bumpable?

Windy, the characters in those videos don't seem to have any trouble bumping a deadbolt. The animated video demonstrates that if the tumblers are jostled just enough then they get lifted above the blockout point. The lock then can be opened. They may be able to relock them with the bump key, but why bother? It then appears as if the owner left it unlocked.

Public service site about lock bumping!


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