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April 21, 2008


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KKA-662 would have been the old VHF license for the PD. I don't remember when Midland PD left the VHF band but it might be that it wasn't until they bought their 800MHz trunked radio system. Midland and Odessa both used such licenses into the 70's. As I recall, the Odessa PD main was KKA-474 and the Odessa FD was KKV-something. Ah, those were the good old days. I wonder if the MRT ever reported incidents heard over the air?

Thanks for that background, Les. I think the current system is about to be outdated, too.

Good point about the MRT. I would suspect that after that code section was enacted all of the local news outlets have at one time or another used information heard on a radio scanner.

And ironically my car was burglarized in the parking garage this afternoon and a Uniden Bearcat trunking scanner was taken. I had left a GPS mount stuck to my windshield and I'm sure the GPS was the target. Luckily, the GPS receiver was not in the car. Let me know if you see my scanner on ebay or craigslist...

Les, hopefully you have the serial number recorded somewhere.

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