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July 05, 2009


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By far, the better & faster route to Roswell is via Kermit, Mentone, Orla, and on up thru Carlsbad & Artesia. Nice smooth roads, no troopers, and not as many small towns to have to slow down for. Just make sure you're sufficiently gassed up before you get past Kermit, 'cuz there are no convenience stores for about the next 100 miles.

Not that I'd ever suggest exceeding the legal limit, but Dede's little turbo 4-banger Caliente really flies on that stretch...

Rob O., when I was a tyke we always knew when we crossed the state line because the road surface in NM was always worse than in TX. However, Friday on Hwy 380 the road surface was better in NM. I guess each state uses its highway money differently.

That's good to know about the Kermit route. Thanks for the info, I'll try that way next time.

Oh yeah, I would not suggest exceeding the legal limit either. However, no criminal intent is necessary for a speeding violation, so a momentary lapse of attention can make a lawbreaker out of an otherwise safe driver.

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