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August 02, 2009


Part of the requirements for the dealer is pouring something called "Clunker Killer" into the gas tank. It is some type of chemical that renders the engine completely unusable within a couple of minutes, so there is SOME protection in that area written into the law. I'm sure that there will be some dealers who will try to make an extra buck by selling the engines, though. They will probably face heavy fines if caught.

Thanks Dennis. Clunker Killer sounds like nasty stuff.

For what it's worth, a Chevy short block sold on Ebay this morning for $1,408 with free shipping. So at least theoretically it's possible to drop in another engine and end up with a drivable vehicle.

George my pickup is old enough, and the mileage is just low enough to qualify ... but I REALLY like my truck.

Jeff, hang onto it. It's a false bargain if you don't already need a new one.

On the other hand, if you don't upgrade someone might remind you of it the next Earth Day.

Who determines what MPG your old car can get?

I read that the poison they pour into the clunkers is a "sodium silicate solution", whatever that is.

Redman, that sodium silicate sounds like salt and glass. If they put it in the crank case it probably grinds up the bearings and anything else that should have been lubricated. If they put it in the gas tank it would probably mess up whatever injection system the vehicle had.

It's some government agency that decides what our official MPG is. You think they did any research or just shot from the hip?

Credit you looking for details. It helped me in my mission

If passed as is, Cash for Clunkers will put every chatlriabie car donation program out of business since the amount of the voucher would be much greater than the tax deduction. Charities nationwide will lose millions of dollars. A simple solution is to offer the voucher for donating the car to charity. The charity would then scrap the car per the provisions of the law and use the proceeds to help fund their programs. In this senario, ervryone wins, car dealers and manufacturers, charities and taxpayers.

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