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April 03, 2010


Just an odd question for those who are balking at the census. Did you balk in 2000?

I couldn't answer that Cindy, however I will note that in the year 2000 confidence in the government's ability to protect privacy and keep secrets was probably higher than it is today.

George, I have to admit that, with all the sturm und drang out there in advance of the the census, I was pleasantly surprised when the actual form arrived in the mail. Quickly-and-easily filled out, then returned.

I feel fine about the questions they asked, and the answers I provided. I'll save my defiance for later.

On a more serious note ... happy, blessed Easter, George!

Gee, thanks Jeff. Happy Easter to you, too!!!

Jeff, it's like going to the doctor -- the anticipation is worse than the actuality. Of course, with everyone being scared by the media, it's hard NOT to be scared.

i am only "required" to give my name and how many people are in my household.....that being said... I have now had 2 people come to my house saying I am required to give them more information.... The Constitution says that I have to give my name and how many live with me.... the "Census"/ "Obama men" say I have to give our birth date/ job descriptions/ and where we work... but wait.... the next Census worker says we need to give our income... our average amount of savings... and our average investment.... what is a girl to believe!? Ok I gave my family's birthdates and names... I am done and then I was threatened with a $1000 fine.... but wait... the law says it's only a hundred dollar fine??? Again what am I to believe??? I am a gal with a Master's degree and live in a home with my second husband and child.... OBAMA is everywhere and I refuse to give him more info! FOr those of you that asked if I completed the 2000 census... yes I did but back then I believed in what the government stood for and what they wanted to accomplish... I no longer have that trust! Don't expect me to bow down to a Muslim radical "Presiden" just becuase some of you fell victim to what he promised... his "change" has become very apparent in the last year! I don't want or need his "change"... I work hard for my livelihood and that of my family and I refused to "give" to the people that have 4 kids on welfare adn refuse to work.... don't tell me that isn't what Obamma wants... I see it daily in my job! So the "Census" in my thinking is just another way of getting information against my family and I ...I gave what I needed... no go away!

Stand your ground, and give 'em hell, Dee.

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