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July 08, 2011


Regardless of anything sir Eric had a knife and Bill had a gun...he should have shot to disarm not to MURDER!!!!

OH and another point would be since you would like to defend Bill...Eric was a residence of that home as well and had EVERY RIGHT TO BE THERE...so Penal Code §9.31 protects him as well....meaning that Bill had no right to pull a gun on him in the first place...so next time before you decide to put your two cents in on a subject that you have NO IDEA about,cross your Ts and dot your Is and make sure you dont make yourself sound ignorant and nosey

Irritated: You obviously can't read. I don't know enough about the circumstances to say who was in the right here. I do know Bill and although it's out of character, anyone who knows their gun rights, is capable of using said rights on ANYONE at ANYTIME to defend themselves. The Penal Code says absolutely nothing about whether or not Eric had a right to be in the house. It only specifies that the person using force (Bill) isn't required to retreat first (before using force) as long as he has a right to be where the force is used, has not provoked the victin (Eric) and is not engaged in criminal activity when the force is used. This provides ABSOLUTELY no protection for Eric and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Eric's part in the scenario. I would say that you probably need to learn about crossing T's and dotting I's before you make comments. At the very least, learn to read. The only question at hand at this point (utilizing this particular penal code as a reference) is whether or not Bill telling Eric that he was going to call his probation officer constitutes a provocation. We don't have enought information to answer that question, but it will surely be battled out in court anyway.

Yea well that is my little brother and my piece of shit "father" so I know enough that u need to mind ur own business and quit fucking blogging about our tragedy for your own sick entertainment

This was a tragic incident, and the family must be terribly upset about it. They have my sympathy.

I don't believe anyone finds this tragedy the least bit entertaining.

However, there are some legal issues raised, and many people are interested in how they get resolved.

Fed Up: If you really are Heather, you need to calm down. There is a difference between information and entertainment. Informing the public and making comment about specific aspects is how our society holds together. It has nothing to do with your feelings on the matter. Having known your father, I believe he would want someone to see his side of the episode - right or wrong. According to the statute pointed out here by the blogger, he definitely has a case - not necessarily morally, but legally.

GUILTY! Only took 30 minutes. Mistake? I don't think so! Now...go back to whatever hole you crawled out of!

Since I am just now seeing this, I want to set the record straight on a fact that the public does not know. Upon seeing the crime scene photos during the trial, we discovered that the "knife" that photographed at the crime scene was in fact, Bill Stirman's knife. This was the knife that he carried on his own person 24/7, a knife that I personally purchased for him many years ago when I was still married to him. There is absolutely no way that Eric was in possession of that knife. Mr. Stirman is a liar, and that is a FACT!

Thanks for setting us straight on that, Megan.

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