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December 19, 2012


I went to Academy Sports today to buy some ammo, and people were three deep at the gun counter. Fortunately, they've made their ammo self-serve, altho I wonder how long that will last if the hoarding of a couple of years ago returns.

Good point, Eric.

There was talk a few years ago about putting a big tax on bullets buys. It wouldn't lower the murder rate, but it would hurt gun owners. And that's likely the main goal anyway.

And there's reloading. Some do it because they enjoy it. For others it's a tedious process. But in times of ammo shortages it makes sense.

Canda does have gun control. This control has placed the control of guns into the hands of criminal elements. These criminals are very reluctant to sell any guns to the general public as do not wish to get killed during a holdup, home invasion or whatever crime they are comiting. Works great! The lawyers always have plenty of live clients!
Signed a " happy" Canadian.

Fair warning from someone who has seen what gun control does.

Thanks Peter.

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