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November 17, 2003


Uh.......distinguished citizens all.

Boone Pickens has been doing something similar in the Panhandle, buying up water rights with plans to sell the water to the highest bidder.

I've never figured out how such a thing might be regulated, as in his case, anyway, he's tapping into the Ogallala Aquifer, which runs north into South Dakota and south into west Texas. How do you monitor water draw in a case like this? I'm sure there's a geology-based solution; I just don't know how it works.

Nuevo Rio may be trying to tap into the Capitan Complex aquifer, which runs through the Delaware Basin of west Texas and southeast New Mexico. Based on what I've read, this isn't primo water quality...it's potable in very few places: high chlorides, high dissolved solids. But it's still H2O, and it's scarce, and sending it somewhere else isn't going to sit well with folks.

I would like to contact T Boone Pickens in order to discuss his water-selling plans, but I can't find his e-mail address. I would appreciate it if you could send it to me.

Thank You,
Cameron L. Chanslor

Water rights should permanently belong to the land where the water is at. The only way water should be allowed to be sold is by a yearly renegocible lease. When water is permanently removed from the land, the land becomes worthless. Even idiots know this!

Midville Energy dumps salt water and oil into creek. Steve Cole and Tom Kelly of Midville Energy play by their own rules and dont seem to care about the environment. From drilling wells and not reporting production to storing contaminants on the surface to avoid public knowledge. This outfit needs to be monitored.

Chuck, if you are aware of any illegal dumping then you should report them to the appropriate regulatory agency immediately.

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