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December 15, 2003


There are times when I am glad we still have the back-door wheelchair ramp we put in for the dear-departed mother-in-law.

In my opinion, safe movers are skilled trade; it doesn't really surprise me that HD doesn't keep any on staff. It isn't so critical at 328#. At 10X that, positioning and leveling are extremely important to convenient use and owner safety - imagine a 600# door swatting you.

I agree, though - if they're going to sell them, it makes a lot of sense to put the products where they can be used.

Triticale, the ramp sounds like a good idea. I could probably rig one up without too much trouble. But, I would probably still need some help tilting the safe on a two wheeler. I would hate for the thing to topple over.

And John, I thought 328 pounds was pretty heavy, but I guess it isn't.

I don't see a problem with Home Depot selling a gun safe, or a refrigerator, or a large air compressor -- and not delivering. Their prices are great, their delivery to the curb is reasonable, and you can afford to rent an appliance dolly (from Home Depot!) to get it up the stairs. That's American ingenuity.

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328 lbs can easily be moved by two persons. If you can't find a friend and a dolly to pick up a 328 lb safe and move it to your house you should not be at a "Do It Yourself" warehouse. In Home Depot's defense it is their slogan! You can pick up your local yellow pages and a safe company can do everything for you. You should also get a gym membership and get in shape!

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A 328 pound gun safe can easily be moved with 1 person, or if going up/down stairs with 2 people. Either way using a dolly it'd be a piece of cake. I'm iffy about moving my 600 pounder up a flight of stairs though. :/

Home depot is pretty much cash and carry on everthing. If you want building materials they will deliver them to your house, installation is on you. They ususally have a list of qualified installation personnel for most items and services. Otherwise there is an assumption that the person shopping for an item should have the knowledge to facilitate the installation and use of the item. It is a store for do it yer selfers after all.

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