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December 10, 2003


If you look, there are also a bunch of blue "lakes" that form and are not attached to the drainage ditch. I doubt that the city has sufficient sewers and pumps for all these areas, so it looks like during the next flood several huge lakes may appear that could take more than a week to evaporate/manually pump out.

Bert, you may be right. It looks like many of those lakes are centered at the low lying parks that already serve as reservoirs, such as Wadley/Barron, Hill and Grafa.

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My family lived on Marmon Street off Maxwell, south of Emerson Elementary. We had a water line 6 feet high on our backyard fence and 3 feet inside the house. People were being rescued by airboat, and the Lee High School swim team rescued people's pets...ours included. I was in 4th grade at Emerson at the time.

2 years later we had just moved to Corpus when Hurricane Celia hit!

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