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December 27, 2003


I bet some people would skip an item or two, so I hope the employees check reciepts.

I heard the machines couldnt read the new $20 bills when they first came out, but that problem has been corrected.

sure, this new thing can speed up the pase, or not, some people are still a little slow... but dont you think that this can be a reason for a lot of people's unemployment?

Nancy, Wal-mart did not eliminate a single job when they put those self-checkout counters in. They moved those people to other positions

If Wal-Mart is on the ball, they will train displaced workers for other jobs within the organization.

Just about everyone who has been in the work force for a decade or more has had to either learn new skills or change careers. Technical innovation is something we need to learn to live with rather than fear. A hundred years ago most Americans worked at manual labor on a farm, and while mechanization may have been met with resistance at first, I doubt if very many people would want to go back to that.

I like the self-serve checkout. I used to live in Austin and the HEB I shopped at had 6-8 of the things. Recently the Albertsons at Midkiff & 250(yes, Albertsons of all places!)installed a few of them. Albertsons is a crap store but at least they are getting the checkout right.

I've seen self-serve checkout at Home Depot. I like it. It's quick and seems to work well. One cashier monitors four lanes, and she don't let nothin' get by her.

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