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December 01, 2003


who are Barbara and David Mikkelson? What are their beliefs and political backgrounds? How are they qualified to bust the rumors? Are they telling the truth or the truth as it is known to them? What is their slant?

who are Barbara and David Mikkelson? What are their beliefs and political backgrounds? How are they qualified to bust the rumors? Are they telling the truth or the truth as it is known to them? What is their slant?

who are they

I'm inclined to believe the Mikkelsons are Socialist Democrats based upon their overwhelming support of Barack Obama and normally negative reporting of any person who is classified as a Republican. Unless I see proof to the contrary, that's what I belive!

BJ, can you point us to some examples of what you found?

Socialist Democrats? Relax pal. Check out the snopes message boards and you will see they are Republicans. There just seems to be more dirty lies about the Dems that need debunking.

I will go along with the Socialist Democrats analysis. They do support the Silver tongue devil from the south side of CHITOWN--

What educational background do the Mikkelson's come from and what qaulifications do they have to debunk myths? A lot of people believe what they read on snopes is accurate, and researched information. How do we really know that snopes info is accurate? Or is snopes lik the National Inquirer!

Somehow this crap made it to a friend's email and he forwarded to me as I am continually having to refer him to Snopes.com for sending me all sorts of BS emails that are years old. He is a Republican and I am a non-violent anarchist at heart but I did vote for Obama. He takes offense that I know more about using computers and the internet than he does (I'm a woman). He takes offense that I use a Mac and won't touch a PC. Therefore, when he received this he jumped at the chance to try and show me that Snopes.com was not a valid source for information. But as most men do... he failed to read the entire article or failed to comprehend the gist of it. tsk... tsk...

Why are you wasting airspace with this drivel?


Yeah, if you've ever actually read through the site you will see a lot of religious, and republican por reports. To claim they're liberals simply because they have a few articles that debunk the vicious lies of the repbulican smear machine simply shows how ignoarant you are.

Snopes is a cheap fraud and a low class sham. The husband and wife team (which comprises the entire "Snopes" organization) knowingly LIED when they claimed Obama is a "natural born Citizen", no none who can breathe on their own is stupid enough to take "Snopes" seriously.

All I want to know is HOW in the world do these two people check out so many things and report on them.

They admit that they read liberal media to base there judgement of truth or fiction on political issues. If you call cnn and the L.A. Times accurate news sources you are probably a lefty too.

I wholeheartedly agree with you about Snopes. I've tried to exlpain Snopes to most of my friends and family, but have had limited success. I've had some family members email things to me to check out for them, because they don't understand how I do it . Some people should not be allowed to use email.One last thought, I'd like to add another resolution to your list when forwarding, use the copy and paste feature to cut the text you'd like to forward and then create a NEW message and paste your text there instead of hitting the forward button. This will help keep more email addresses private.

All I can find is that he is a web site designer and she does their research on the internet. No educational background that I can find. I would like to know how they outrank 50,000 expert architects and engineers who believe 9-11 was an inside job? They should stick to folklore.

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