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December 27, 2003


Tony, I miss you. Where and when can I listen to you on the radio in central NC?

Watching the Iowa Caucus tonight, I was struck by the absence of Tony Snow over the past few months. I keep waiting to find out what is going on with him. I came on line to see if we could find anything. Nothing. Please announce if you have any news.

I caught Tony on Fox last Sat and he said he was back for good, but he hasn't been on since. What is happening?

Where is Tony Snow? His talent is sorely Missed.

I enjoyed Tony during the holidays on the various programs. I really miss his talents and personality. I just cannot make the adjustment to Sunday mornings.

Tony has a radio show coming soon! I found it on FOXFAN.COM

We looked forward to your program every Sunday morning. We knew we were hearing the way it is when you were on. Looking forward to hearing your radio show.

Sunday mornings are not what they use to be. I miss Tony Snow. Can hardly wait for the radio show to start in March.

Sunday mornings is still a great show, however can Fox fine a spot for Tony Snow I beleive Tony to be one of the most honest reporters on TV. Wonder if CNN might get him.

I can hardly watch Sunday morning any more. If Hume were not there I would not. Tony is the best. I will look for him on radio, but I would like to seem him back on TV.

Tony Snow has been my most favorite commentator and I miss him very much. Please bring him back.
Please let me know where he can be heard on radio in the Central Coast area of California.
Thank you

It's good to read my thoughts said by others. I, too, miss Tony Snow. His soft-spoken, decisive questions put many arrogant politicians on the hot seat. He was "THE BEST". Sorry, but Chris Wallace is a stiff !!!

We dearly miss Tony Snow on Sunday mornings. The good part is that now I can sleep-in and catch the belt way boys at the end. Fox made a BIG mistake not doing all it could to keep a class act like Tony Snow as host. We love you Tony.

Gee, I can't wait for Tony Snow to begin...then I can listen to Rush
in my right ear and Tony Snow in my left ear. You see, like most
Conservatives I have no life..I am impotent, ugly, constipated and
love George Bush. When Clinton was President I had a job and I did
not have time to listen but since my job went to India two years ago
I have a lot of time to listen to radio. Bush is truly the hero yes,
the Hero of the Stupid.

Damn - I love Tony Snow! Has it been determined where his show is going to air in Midland or can it be heard on XM radio or the internet?


Fast Eddie

Well KVI 570AM (http://www.kvi.com), the conservative Sean Hannity Show carrier in the Seattle area will be carrying Tony Snow's new talk radio program as of March 1st. They'll be airing the show from 6-9pm PST. I wonder when Tony's show feeds live?!?

I think its going to be done live from 7-10pm EST, but that's just a guess.

I think if foxnews.com got a ton of email requests ([email protected]) for a functional Fox News Radio page (as Alan Colmes already has his radio show up & running as part of Fox News Radio) information regarding Tony Snow's upcoming show would come a lot faster.

Even if a Fox News Radio page just linked to http://www.alan.com & whatever Tony's site will be it would at least be a good starting point for their own branded radio programming.


Tony Snow Launches in 40 Markets

Fox News Radio's second nationally syndicated show, The Tony Snow Show, will launch March 1 in 40 markets, including 11 of the top 25 markets on stations including KVI-AM in Seattle, KXL-AM in Portland, Ore., and KFMB-AM in San Diego. Originating out of the FNR facilities in Washington, D.C., Snow's show will air 9 a.m. to noon (Eastern Time). In addition to providing commentary on the latest news events and guest interviews, Snow will also take listener calls. With the launch of his radio show, Snow stepped down as host of Fox News Sunday on Fox News Channel, but he continues to host Weekend Live With Tony Snow and to contribute analysis to the network's political and election-news coverage.

I miss Tony too!
Why did he have to go???
When will he come back to TV?

Tony: I live in Boones Mill VA. Near Roanoke .
I cannot get any info on your new Radio Show. Please Send me any information,Or send me an affiliate # with time. Thank you very much.

What radio station can I find Tony Snow in Lessburg,Florida? We miss him so do many of our friends

What radio station can I find Tony Snow in Lessburg,Florida? We miss him so do many of our friends


Tony, please send me any information about radio stations in the Tidewater, Virginia area stations that carry or will in the future carry your program.

Tony Snow and Brit Hume are our favorites. We really miss Tony on Sunday morning's Fox News. I hope a local radio station will soon be carrying his program.

I have been unable to find Tony Snow and there has
been no replacement. In Los Angeles area Bill
Bennett comes on at 4:00 am, worth a listen even
at that harsh hour.

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