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January 05, 2004


Thanks so much for your website, it is the only one I could find out anything about what has been going on with David and Linda since the last show.

Thanks so much for your website, it is the only one I could find out anything about what has been going on with David and Linda since the last show.

Thank you for your kind words, Sandi. You really made my day!


Did david ever contact Cat after show.

What a great series. Loved The Next Joe Millionaire. Missed the finale. Could not believe there was no follow up. Was hoping there might be a repeat of the finale. There was nothing. Any ideas where I could get a video of the finale? Have been trying since last year to watch the ending! Would appreciate any advice. I heard it was a romantic ending. Thanks.

What a great series. Loved The Next Joe Millionaire. Missed the finale. Could not believe there was no follow up. Was hoping there might be a repeat of the finale. There was nothing. Any ideas where I could get a video of the finale? Have been trying since last year to watch the ending! Would appreciate any advice. I heard it was a romantic ending. Thanks.

I ammmmm sooooo glad that i found this site
i have been wondering since the show ended why
no one talks about David/Linda anymore
and what is going on with them
THANKS a lot for the update and if you have more
e mail me please

I have been so curious about those two. Thanks for giving me some answers. How about Kat? I had heard from a friend of David's family (on radio)that David and Linda along with Kat and David's brother had gone skiing together. Seems they are all friends now. Any truth to this?

Sherry K, I had not heard that. That's fascinating. Thanks for sharing it with us.


How lucky I was to find this site. It was the first site I chose after searching for Joe Millionaire, Intern'l Affair. I went on the net before xmas looking for followup on David and Linda and was dissapointed not to find anything.
Coincidentally I just finished watching the last episode again (the only one I taped) and cried all over again. I have to say I'm disappointed that they haven't made a more definite committment.

The new In Touch magazine says David broke up with Linda and is seeing Kat who came to US. He must have made wrong decision about Linda.

Please keep posting info. on David, Linda, and Kat. I can't find any info. anywhere else. Katharine, can you lend your video of the last segment to Helen?

Personally, I think David would have more fun with Kat!

Have been looking for months for news about David and Linda. Thanks for ending my frustration.

5/19/04 Looking for any thing on Linda Kazdova and David Smith. Does any body know anything. What frustration! Thank God I taped all ten shows. Thats all I know. NO UPDATES Please any info Mark

5/19/04 Looking for any thing on Linda Kazdova and David Smith. Does any body know anything. What frustration! Thank God I taped all ten shows. Thats all I know. NO UPDATES Please any info Mark

Hey every1, man i hope soooo bad that linda and david r still together, they were literally soooo good 4 each other. Thank God, the evil Kat didnt win lol!

Katie your sooooooooooooo right Mark A.

I like many of you were looking for an update on these two (Linda & David). I really hope things work out for them. The only other thing I found was an article on Feb. 2004 from Fort Worth Texas that said that he and Linda are still in communications and are really good friends. It didn't go into much more detail unfortunately.

Thank you Shannon. Any thing Is something Mark A.

So what you all mean is the show was a set up and he was made to choose Linda by the people who maded the show?

KAT was proberly the most attractive in the house though!!!, lol

whats kats full name??

Adeel She shure is a doll. I have to say Mark A.

If you look at the pictures from her model agency's website at this link:


- then I think you can take it that the "fragile" Linda is maybe not quite the person she managed to portray herself as to win the show.

What a great pity that David did not choose the absolutely gorgeous and genuine Kat, who didn't waste her charm on the other girls but gave it all to David. How he resisted, I do not know!

Kat did come to U.S. and met David according to In Touch magazine. Have not read anything lately.

Thank you so much for this website it has been very useful.

I am from the U.K and the last episode hasn't aired yet and i really wanted to know what was going to happen in the future and who was going to win.

With the help of this website i have been able to find out this much needed information.

Thank you.

hey does any one know wats happened between Cat and David..cos many are saying Linda and David have broken up and Cat came to visit David in the US.
Linda is a selfish girl i really dont understand why David chose her..when Cat seemed soo much there for only HIm and not any one else.

Hi all

I don't want to hijack this site, which I know is dedicated to the aftermath, but we in the UK are new viewers to this show (it's airing during August 2004) and it's nice to know I'm not the only person in England watching this, given its early morning time, so I'd like to say a special hello to Stephanie! As male and female I suppose we've been watching it from different perspectives and overall I have to say this programme is simultaneously both the most compulsive and most appalling programme I've ever seen!

I have to admit that as the series has worn on, I've fallen madly in love with Cat and that now I know she doesn't win (yes, I too couldn't wait for the ending, so like Stephanie resorted to the net to find out), I can't bring myself to watch the finale because I don't want to see her upset. It's not that I wanted Cat to be with David (although he's very likeable), but just that I'd have liked her to win the dosh. After all, unlike the glamourous and "fragile" model Linda, she's only a bartender and part-time DJ from Berlin.

Sadly, my strong view is that the series was rigged in favour of Linda by the producers. I believe they colluded with her to remove her temporarily from the show, with the promise that she will return and win, as David's (then) obvious choice. If you recall early in the series, David said he had a strategy, and it was to win Linda. To this end, Karolina was eliminated. Clearly, the producers wouldn't want all the mystery removed from the series, with the viewers knowing from Day 1 who was going to win. How better to recreate an air of mystery than to (temporarily) take her out of it, thus opening the field. I don't believe David was in on it when she left, because his disappointment when she told him seemed genuine - his face couldn't lie. While she was away, Krystina was sacrificed by her constant mentioning of Linda during her own date, to keep Linda in David's mind, so that he wouldn't get strongly attached to anyone else. However, when she did come back, all she kept saying was that she was "confused" because, I believe, she was firmly of the impression that she was ordained to win by the programme makers and was concerned that while she was away, David might have formed a relationship with someone else (especially the gorgeous Cat), thereby upsetting "the plan". Also, recall in the penultimate episode, poor Cat said she felt like she was participating in "a horror movie" (and she's right!) whereas Linda countered with her view of "a fairytale", clearly the view of a person confident of the future - she wasn't under the same pressure as Cat at all. She knew the outcome all right.

The lack of official post-show information from the producers is, I believe, just to keep the scripting under wraps. They want to maintain the pretence of the show's reality and not have it examined too closely. They don't like those accusations of "FIX".

Add to this, that Linda was entered into the programme by her modelling agency, who really MUST have known the score, no matter how naive she likes to portray herself, and you have one pretty upset viewer here.

Anyway, it's all tosh I suppose in the end. If people believe all that riding off into the sunset ...

Still, it is good to know (for me anyway) that in the end, David and Linda went their separate ways and Cat maybe got some consolation, even if she missed out on the gigantic financial reward. Never mind ... in my eyes, and it seems lots of others in the USA as well, she's got everything else! For all those American males out there like me, who have already undergone losing Cat from your screens, how long do Cat withdrawal symptoms last?

I live in England as well and also yet to see the last episode. I think this site is great and i'm glad people still post on it. My favourite is Linda although they're not together i think he made the right decision. Before she came back he had a strong relationship with Cat but deep down he always knew that Linda was his favourite and in the end he went with his heart.
Thanks for reading Chip!

I live N.Y. The U.S.A. that is. I had watched and had taped it last early fall around september 2003. And I still have withdrawal symptoms. So Tim in the UK. HANG ON Mark A.

Just watched the final espisode in England me and my friend have been hooked!!! We are glad he chose Linda we liked her, Cat was abit moody. I cant see it working out between them though they live very different lives but there was definatly something special between them. Arhhh it was so sweet at the end and i was so happy for David getting his own ranch he is such a nice guy.Im def gonna have withdrawal symptoms.

i live in England and missed the final what happened if you can sum it up, i know who he chose obervously as everyone else has said, but i really cant believe i missed it i had been looking forward to it all weekend and then forgot to watch it! so annoying!

I have just watched the final part andwas so pleased at the outcome. I think David is a sweet young man. If only I was 25 years younger :-)
As a fellow animal lover, I found his joy at the reunion with his horse and dog, touching. He is however an innocent and to have such a bevy of mercenary, vain, selfish and wordly young women let loose on him was terrifying. I still think Linda was not all she seemed to be.
I hope David enjoyed the experience and will find a really genuine young woman to settle down with happily and forever.
David love, if a woman has a real love of animals and is prepared to accept your love of them without feeling threatened, she is the one for you.

Has anybody the latest news on these people. It seems like there's been a total official news blackout. Surely, some of them are cashing in on their moment of fame? It's getting too late for 'em now. Some of 'em had genuine star potential. Even Olinda - as a witch maybe in some horror production! (LOL)

I agree the lack of information from Fox is disappointing. Ok, the show tanked and they won't wanna throw good money after bad, but the ratings were bad right from episode one, so was nothing to do with the quality of the show which was much better than JM1, as were both Joe (David) and the girls.

Hollie - if you are desperate I'd gladly lend you a copy of my tape of final but I think your system of video is different than ours (NTSC agsint PAL or Secom or something?

Thinking back to that last episode, I kinda liked Linda but was definitely rooting for Cat. Her serene dignity together with those melting eyes and dimples as she silently listened to him clumsily reject her, before she rose, leaving the flowers behind her was just awesome. Unforgettable. I suppose she burst into tears as she went off screen. Glad I didn't see that as I still wouldn't have got over it!

Hi all, I've just watched the final show today (UK) and I was glad he picked Linda, however, I'm hearing that it was 'rigged' that David is now with Cat and Linda is seeking a TV career!!! So much for romance!

Any info. welcome.

PS this site is excellent!

I've just watched the show finale today. I don't think it was rigged as I think David and Linda's reactions and emotions were genuine, however I do think the show was cleverly edited. It's a shame if the show did flop in America because I think it made very enjoyable TV. I really hope they found romance, I'm a sucker for a modern day fairytale. It would be nice if a follow up show was made to put us all out of our misery!

Hey all. Also watched the show earlier today. It was beautiful. But why hasnt Linda moved into the ranch with David. They could ab got married, had lots of babies and lived happily ever afta.
But no, David still lives alone on the ranch with his horse and dog. Poor man. He is a real gentleman and deserves more than Linda has given him. I liked Linda. Not now, it seems as tho shes took the money and ran.
Whats the latest anyway. Come on u americans, have u given up.
And wats happend to the other girls now. Olinda shud be a porn star and and Anique was absolutly beautiful. come on FHM sign them up for a sexy shoot. Also invite Cat shes a right horny young lady. Her clothes wud be off straight away!
Thanx alot Please give me the latest news on eveybody. xxxx

can someone link to a web address to a site that tells the truth about these guys ? ive read that linda and david aren't together and hes with cat ! and linda is modeling and david is rodeoing ? i would like to know because it was a good stupidly addictive show and my girlfriend and i both (for some reason ) watched every show

Worked late yesterday so forgot to have a look on here. I watched the show as well and i thought you was a happy ending although as some have already said cleverly edited. Good luck to the both of them in their careers and it was just unfortunate that it couldn't work out.

I've just watched the show finale today.Im very disappointed that David chose Linda instead of Kat. Kat is so charming and lovely. I thought that David will choose her. I hope that you would post some more news about Kat and David...

I watched it in ireland earlier this week - great stuff, glad he did not choose Cat - if there was anyone after the money she was, although at the very end Linda did seem a bit more preoccupied with the jewellry and the conversations between them did not flow as evenly as with some of the other girls -Linda was my favorite at the start, but I think Petra was the BIZ at the end. Sorry to see it end - tonnes better than the first one, David seemed like a real person.

nearly missed the last show my tv guide said it was on tuesday not monday i wouldve been gutted to miss it.It was brilliant at first i was rooting for linda but now im not sure i think there was a side to her that was total pretence.David seemed a really nice guy i hope he finds a nice girl he deserves.I need to find out more is he with linda or not.

hi jodie here again.just logged on to reality tv couples site were its saying david an linda are still shacked up together an very much in love.on a different note does anyone watch average joe.that show is brilliant let me no wat you think

I watch that as well but theres another place to discuss that. Are there any sites with decent pics of Linda apart from her modelling website of course


hey you guys, come-on!

do you REALLY think the show was rigged? i don't, i think their reactions were genuine enough! i liked Linda from the beggining, Kat was tooooo touchy-feely, deffinately out to get "her" man, no-matter what (going back to his room, un-invited!).
i've heard so many different stories about David & Linda/ David & Kat......... what's the truth? does any-one KNOW?

hi i was on hoilday wen they showed who david picked out of cat and linda and wot happended when he told them he didnt have 80 million pounds! so please please please can you email me and tell me what happened
from aimee palmer

Linda is a kind of a mystery even here, in Czech Republic. No interviews with her anywhere. I have not been able to look her up in any modeling agency (and I work in a fashion magazine, so I know all of them).
If her leaving the show and coming back was not made up by the TV team, it was her very clever idea and I recognize very common approach of us, Czech girls :o) Just let them fight and kill each other and let's emerge at the end and win.
I was a big fan of Petra's and was very sad, that David did not recognized THE GOOD GIRL. Kat was a bitch, really. When David couldn't see her, she was behaving like a spoiled brat. But I must admit, that she and David had much more in common, than David and Linda. She is so NOT country girl...

If I meet her somewhere in Prague, I will guys let you know, what is she like in the real world :o)

Lenka I'm looking forward to here if you run into Linda Kazdova. We all need to know Mark A. N.Y. U.S.A.


Well, this article sais it all. Linda and David kind of fell in love under the pressure and in very unnatural circumstances. After the end of shooting they were not allowed to see each other for a month. When they met again, all the feelings were gone. Linda sais, that he probably was so charming because of all the girls around him and when he came to Prague alone, she could see that they come from two different worlds. Like he still lives with his parents, never ever wants to live in a city, is younger that Linda and so on. Also Linda reveals that she would get a quarter of a milion dollars, but ONLY if she accepts getting it in small amounts during next ten years. She decided she wanted her award now, so she got only one hundred thousand dollars (still nice :o)

Lenka, Did Linda have any contact with Kat after show. What's the news about her?

I dont know why they ask for my email address, since I filter email lol

Anyway, I wasnt going to post on the website, but since seeing people have posted as recently as a few days ago, I might as well. I watched this show I think a year ago! lol But it was interesting.

Well, here's the part I hate. Because I'm just adding to speculation. I saw 'update' thingy, sort of a "where are they now" segment on fox. And it said Linda was continuing modeling work in Europe, and David and her are 'good friends' (Which I guess is code word for - till we meet again). Which I'd expect since they did seem like people from different world's. He's way to home-grown, country boy type, and she's very urban city dwellerish for him.

But to add to how odd things may of worked out, somehow Kat seemed to of picked up where Linda left off. They didnt talk about details, but said Kat apparently has visited David several times, and was at some rodeo event he was at in August. Not officially there, I mean watching him ride, so I guess they arrived together and left together.

I did read somewhere online though there was also a rumor they went skiiing somewhere? I dunno where that came from, but it'd make sense if they see each other off and on. She also seemed to City for him, but I guess they get along well or maybe are just close friends now. Who knows. But I dont fly to another country a few times a year to just see a 'friend', unless im interested in them. So who knows.

Me, I didnt care for Linda or Kat. I did think Linda was honestly interested though. But the one Italian girl, I think her name was Giezel or something, she was smokin hot. He should of picked her. When she said something like, "if David doesnt pick me, I dont know, I think I'll explode!" (with her italian accent); I thought I'd die lol

oppss, update, the girl i meant from italy was named "giada" lol also that other girl yassmin who was eliminated right from the start. what was this guy thinking eh?

To Gail: No, Linda does not mention Kat in this interview. They do not continue to see each other.

Thanks for that site too bad its not in English!

Is there any way we can get that web site in english. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Lenka Can you translate for us when stuff comes up please! Mark


i suppose most of u know this already, but i just found it msyelf. the yahoo joe tv board is still very active and has lots of linda and kat stuff.


Mark: Sure I can, but I don't come here very often, so if anything comes up, send it to my e-mail.

Thank you Lenka Mark

Ive just finished watching the Next Joe Millionaire here in the UK - it must have been repeated but I didnt see it the first time around.

I too believe it was all fixed - the Producers could see wed all know who was to win if Linda stayed, but it added a lovely touch to bring her back. I loved how bitchy the women were this time - much more fun to watch!

I dont think Linda should have got anything. She didnt turn up at the end of the show so forfeited all rights to winnings - did she not realise it was JUST A TV SHOW!

But was very glad that David got his ranch - he played the game superbly - never once gave away the fact that he was lying.

I was routing for Cat throughout the show until it was just her and Petra at the dining table and she was out and out rude and wouldnt even make small talk.

Anyway - thanks for filling me in with updates - must now find out what happened to the couple from the first Millionaire and Mr Personality. Sad eh :D

hey guys! anynews on the relationship are they together or what? was it all a show?

I have also just finished watching the Next Joe Millionaire, only 12 months late! UK. I was gutted when David let Linda go and didn't pick her. I think she didn't want to go in the end. I'm glad she came back, or was brought back, it really put a different ending to the show. I was glad Kat didn't win she smoked too much and was too bitchy. Linda played it cool by backing off when David tried to kiss her, she kept him chasing!

I think their expressions and reactions in the last show looked genuine enough from David and Linda. I think there may have been a little poetic licence used like letting David fly all the way back to the USA thinking Linda had stood him up, that was crul. But David looks like a good guy and Linda was genuine enough, like when she bought David the little angle figure, sweet :-)

Oh and Linda's a babe, sexy pics modeling!!

Lets hope they still stay together.

I dont know where you got cat bitchy from. She didnt speak the whole show. Shes stunning.

Cheers for that site very useful i've registered as well now!

Bitchy! - Action's speak louder than words, or should I say editing! yeh she is stunning.

It's been a long time now. Isin't any body going to say any thing about JM2. Im game! come on. Any body. Wow what a babe that cat is

For all of you out there wondering what's the joeM2 people are doing now...

Linda is working as a full time model, based in prague but she's all over europe.

As for the others...

Anique was in Prague right after the show, doing an internship, as she is still a student.
Right now she's back in the netherlands, finishing her study.
How do I know?
I'm anique's ex-boyfriend, and am doing my graduation assignment together with her.
By the way, don't be fooled by the show, it was all a set up and editing changes the way people appear to be....

by the way, why do sooo many people like cat so much?!?don't see the point, but yeah, i'm biased..

Have fun!


Anique was the sweetest and prettiest of them all!!
Definitely a gem, inside and out.


OMG- i loved The nxt Joe Millionaire- An internation affair or watvea.
Id have to sai my fav was Olinda - becoz she was different u noe,very Original- she had a strong presence of competion she spoke her mind and she didnt care who liked her or not. she played the game well and i didnt expect her to stay very long but she ended up in top 4! go gurl, and how her nastiness to Cat i rekon it was 'super kewl'- i hated cat- wat a stuk up dog and had the baddest auro there ugly and 'phony'. And i also admired Alessia- she was so Funny and Hilarious- i dont noe why david didnt pik her. She was the nicest there to David.
she was rite wen she said "he doesnt noe wat his loosing!" loves it.

Cat is the sweetiest girl of them all. Olinda, she should think first before she speak.

Ciao, from Aussie

does anyone know cat's full name and if there are any websites on her?

yer so many jow millionaire has like only just come on this week in australia so we are like a little behind

man i reakon cat is the best man ,shes a babe!!wt is her whole name anyways hey?

anyways now i no linda wins thats ok and i reakon shes like a babe as welll but she probley was in it for the money!!
anyways post again after the i watch the final!!

hey joe millionaire 2 or whateva just came ou in australia it totally rocks
i reckon Anique was the hottest and had by far the best personality

Watching the finale tomorrow in Australia! What can I say, if I were a guy, I'd be attracted to Linda too. Mind you I think David doesn't have all that much in common with Linda. She's definitely one of the nicer girls of the 14. I'm glad she came back, I thought Cat and Petra was going to drive me to boredom with their lack of communication. With Linda back, Cat has seemingly found her voice back at least she talks to Linda. We don't get many opportunities to get to know Cat, and when she talks with Linda we get to see Cat's feelings a lot more, which is plus for the show. Linda is in one word: alluring. There's something about her. I have nothing against Cat, but Linda won me over from the begining. Frankly I hope Linda finds a guy who'll treat her right, as has been reported in the latest updates, she's stronger from the experience. Not that David didn't treat her right, he seems like a nice guy, I hope everyone on the show finds what they want in a future partner. Having read the Praguenet interview, the girls didn't really have a clue about the money when they auditioned, so I think the show producers were exagerrating on the gold-digger thing, though Olinda's comment about the pearls being small, was hilarious, along with her labelling Cat as a gold-digger (ie. takes one to know one). And Samson, I'll gladly admit Anique is hot and she's cool! She reminds me of Anna K, only less catty. By the way, is it me, do all the girls smoke? I'm watching to see if Linda lights up tomorrow. Post again after the finale

for u austrialan newbies best website for more information on joe millionaire especialy cat and linda is yahoo group


if u join you can download lots of photos and files. its great.

finished watching it in australia
cool show
just a shame that they really didn't hook up. been reading reports on them and they seem too far apart. but i read a comment here saying that kat came to see david? is that true?
linda is still the hottest chick for me
i fell in love with her in the first show.

Just finished watching the finale in Australia.
When Linda left the show the first time, I was so upset coz I thought her and David had something there.
After watching the finale, I wish that he had chosen Cat instead. (I NEVER thought I'd say that).
After their last date, she was really upset that he was sad and seemed to have genuine feelings for him. She seemed a bit too keen to get out of Germany though and smoked and drank too much for me.
I hope that it is true that they have met up in Texas as I think that would be proof that she does have feelings for him.
Linda was always doubting him and it seemed like she was always stringing him along!!!!

Update - 1/6/05:Welcome Australian visitors! The show has been popular everywhere it has been shown, and I hope this webpage contributes to your enjoyment.

The show has been popular everywhere it has been shown?

a big flop!!!

I am glad that David and Linda got together...but are they still together now?

no there not together!!!!

the producers paid her $250,000 us to come back to have a happy ever after!!

well... on some holidays, got extremely crappy weather in Melbourne right in the middle of summer and I found myself hooked on this fantastically over the top reality show being screened here in two episode installments at midday EVERY day this week. Watched the whole series in a week. Crazy.
The laughs and the babes this show offered were awesome day-time t.v. It certainly wasted plenty of my time this week... I've even found myself searching the net for a follow-up.
I guess I can also join the legion of Cat fans and ask as well - any chance of a web site on cat? She's a gorgeous girl. Drop by one of the local Melb house clubs and do some djing next time you're in Oz Cat!

im on the same boat as you bro
couldnt believe searching for follow ups
wellz this is one i found out
i found some newer ones but this 1 fills you right in

ok well the final show just aired on australian tv today 7th Jan 2005. i see mentioned on this website that there is no follow up show. is anyone in the industry able to find out for sure if these two are seriously dating or working out their lives so they can be together? also, how much did his ranch cost in dollars. i mean, heck, we got to see how much linda won in dollars. 250,000 but what about david. what was his dollar winnings?

Well the Aussie finale is finished, and I can get back to work now :). All the best to all concerned, and Linda rules. She genuinely came across as an all round gal, who would be great to be around. I'm not sure about Cat, she's flirtatious, and I can see why guys would find her attractive (hello, she is attractive) I just find it weird so many of the girls, seem to really dislike her. I've read the Yahoo messages, and frankly I'm no clearer to describing Cat's personality.

Who do we believe? Olinda and the gang, or Cat? As a female, I reckon we can be so severe to our own sex. There are some females we adore as a fellow female, because their non-threatening, friendly, the type you'd want to be friends and have a cafe latte over lunch with. Then there's some females which others just feel threatened by, whether that is because they're secretive, aloof, or you wouldn't let your man near a fifty foot distance of her. I think Cat has been portrayed as the latter, unfortunately for her. Mind you the other girls apparently scared Linda off for a while too. The behaviour of all the girls was actually all rather normal, and expected, even Cat's aloofness was normal - I'd stay as far away from Olinda if I was Cat. A house full of girls, is bound to have gossipping, rivalry, and conflicts. Where there were females only, there can be personality conflicts, and honestly sometimes it is like being stuck in a turkey's nest (sounds like I'm speaking from personal experience - because I am). Olinda did provide some great laughs though. However that singing Italian girl, Aleissa or however you spell her name, was by far the funniest.

As to how much credence and truth there is to how Linda and Cat, and the others were shown, only the girls themselves can reveal. Like I said, I have nothing against Cat, I hope she smokes less though. She certainly is a strong girl, and I'm sure she's perfectly recovered from the whole experience. Being a fan of Linda's I hope she does well in her career etc. In fact I hope all 14 girls do well, they were all entertaining in their own way

yer ok then i still reakon cats a hottie!
shes sweet as well and all da other girl might have been too jealous of her. but hey i like to see girls have cat fights. yer dunno at t do after the show now.
man if i was david i would full on go for cat but he didn't so i felt sorry for her guess i'm too much of a cat fan!!
i think petra was also cool as well shes pretty hot i might say thou ;) not much said about her and i think you guys should at least give some positive things about her.
anyways post agian later e-mail me if you want to talk about cat :P

remember cat rocks!!

Well it finally came to Australia. And thank-you, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a commplete romantic. I am so glad that it was over (for us) in one week, instead of over 10 weeks. Congratulations to both David and Linda. I am so glad that she had the courage to return. I was wishing that Linda would be in the little cottage. I hope they have a wonderful life together.

Well again i just finished watching the nxt joe millionare! it sooo sucks how linda and david arnt together anymore!! they looked so good together. but i donno im kinda thinking that he should of chosen cat instead. linds seems a bit, i donno distant from him..

OMG she annoys the hell outa me how she keeps leaning back after kissing him.!! wats with that ??!?!?!

anyways to bad there not together.!! i soo thaught david had the hottest body!!

I have to say i neva watched the first season of Joe Millionaire but i must say this one had me so hooked, I really was hoping that Cat would win tho because to me she was the stronger girl cause all the way thru she fought for David while Linda did give up at the first sign of pressure. Ne ways i am glad that they only took a week to show the whole thing here in Australia so i wouldnt have to wait all week for the next episode.

Well, I was hooked on the show too. I even had it taped on the days I was flying. I was so glad Cat lost, what a B**ch. I didn't like how she laughed at the girl who was crying. Olinda was so funny, a little over the top at times, but Cat deserved everything she got. A cunning b**ch, and a hard Crout.

Well we are both very happy that david picked linda, as she was more "long term", where as Cats only appeal to david was sexual! We absolutely despised Olinda, as there is no need to be that mean to anyone and act as immature as she did. She was clearly just jealous of Cat. Although we are very happy dave picked linda, we thought they looked very uncomfortable together! To sum up...David had a FINE body, but seriously needs to re-consider his hair.

hey man take it easy on cat hey!!!!
shes unique :P

Ok Samson it's true more about Petra...Petra is really nice too.

Pity Cat and her did not get along all that well. Then again, that is Cat for you.

Petra was a sweet, and entertaining girl. I love the hot air-balloon exhange with Olinda...cracks me up every time

Just realised that my previous posting wouldn't have made much sense!!!!
I read on another website that Linda and David are no longer together and that Cat has been to Texas to visit him while he has been competing in rodeo.
So no, I'm not getting the girls confused, just trying to confuse everyone else!!!
Thanx ginny for the link to yahoo - will try the other one now, thanx ruff

hey thanks maggie for making that comment petra is kinda funny when shes drunk!!she looks like a bit of a tall girl :P
man so hard to find out cats full name!!does any1 no???

I think Cat's last name is Wegner, anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Just have to say this site is nicer than the yahoo message boards in some ways, less abusive. The amount of Linda and Cat bashing is incredible...I wouldn't want to be Karolina reading some of the comments about her, as amusing as some of those are. Its a TV show for crying out loud, the amount of harsh comments regarding the girls are a bit over the top sometimes. Just plain hurtful. Really some of the comments make me wonder if the persons writing them, are any more rational than a drunk Olinda, and we all know, Olinda is a mean drunk

Like the other Aussies I couldn't believe it when looking in this weeks TV guide we had the whole series telecast in 5 days from 12 noon to 2pm each afternoon. So perfect summer viewing here in Melbourne.

As with all these type of shows I fell for the runner up. In this case Cat. Just gorgeous to look at, lovely hair, a quiet dignity. For a romantic it's pretty disappointing how all these couples end up on the scrap heap soon after the show finishes. I reckon David was a pretty decent guy, the locations were stunning as where all the girls. But Linda I don't know. Czech Republic is a relatively poor country, she was entered by a modelling agency.

Cats dates were the pick of the bunch. All night ones, Capri. Was in Berlin earlier this year.
Ich liebe Berlin, ich liebe Cat!

BTW I've got the whole series on tape except for the last part of the episode where Olinda gets eliminated.

It does look like Cat's last name is Wegner. There are some images you will find on Google searching using her name. A lot of the images are linked to www.tinseltownonline.com.

It would be interesting in the next series of this or similar shows to dig around up front and see what the motivations are for each contestant entering. David you're a stronger man than me walking away from Cat!

I just wanted to say that I never saw the first series but the series with David Smith had us hooked. When I say us I mean my husband and myself, we couldn't get enough of it. I have to agree being from Australia (the states originally) it was great that we were able to watch it all in one week. Now I don't know what to watch. I really hope there is another series but I know it didn't do so well in the states. It was great seeing the beautiful places in Italy. Thanks for having this website. I have been trying to find out updates and this was the only website that give me the updates. Well done.

Like all the guys from Melbourne I was rapt that JM2 was shown over the whole week,so the storyline was continuous.Incredibaly romantic settings in Europe .And Tuscany! For me the one scene that stood out was the reunion between David & Linda at the ranch.They should have rushed into each others arms!Fox could have stopped the show right there & I would have been happy.I love happy endings.
Cat is a real honey - pity about the smoking though ( why did so many of the girls smoke?)
I give away my vintage and/or weakness for tear jerkers but in Cat I could see Ingrid Bergman - having watched Casablanca xxtimes,Cat not only has that same dignity but her voice and accent is the same! Cat, du ist zier schoen.You may not have won,but you will always have Paris.
David came across as such a genuine down to earth guy - and I liked how he left the door open for cat to visit him "next time she is in texas" I am glad it sounds like that's what is happening.The news that David and Linda are on separate continents now is distessing,after seeing them together at the end of the show.
It is sad but understandable that Linda chose to return to Europe;from earlier posts ( many thanks Lenka )I am guessing that when faced with an either or situation,Europe won. That's three times she has walked away.
The shows editing had me rivetted and like a lot of people all I wanted was for Linda & David to stay together.
It didn't happen in Casablanca either.

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