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January 29, 2004


Ask Turkey about the benefits of stiffing us. Nothing good has happened there, and we'd like to have them as friends.

Good point, Allen. It's also instructive to note how well those countries which were defeated by the U.S. in WWII are doing today. Contrasted with Viet Nam, it would seem that the best thing that could happen to a country is lose a war with the U.S.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those who believes UBL could be on any continent in the world, excepting North America, Australia, and Antarctica. There are remote, Jihadi Muslim populations worldwide; some are a majority of the country therein, some a minority. But he very easily could have boarded a freighter a long time ago. The solution is a technique we used in World War II (no, you pacifistic, hateful liberals reading this; it's not nuclear weapons), but I'm obviously not going to post it here for the UBL minyons to read.

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