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January 16, 2004


And ask them how badly they're going to make us West Texans look.

Every movie needs a villain, and I'm hopeful that the villain in "Friday Night Lights" won't be the region or West Texans in general. But Allen, your point is taken. And I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Roy Benevides is a [description deleted]. Any word from him gives me no solace and only serves to make me white with anger and disgust.

Any word on when Billy Bob Thornton will arrive in town?

I have heard they are going to shoot part of the movie in Austin. Has anybody else heard this? If you have please email me at [email protected], because I am interested in an extra position. I was recently an extra in the Johnny Knoxville new movie "The Ringer", and absolutely loved the experience. So now I'm hoping to get another part.

hi, I hope that you pick me to be in the movie as well I have already been an extra in the movie "Haven". I want to be an actress and I hope this is just one step for me.

THanks Erika Wilson

I hope you have room for one more extra!

Any info. on open casting call in Houston?

Hello, remember me...I'm going to be a STAR!


I think that if they were going to have a casting call in Houston they might have already had it. But, check the Texas Film Commission website:
and click "Casting Calls" for info about other films planned in Texas. It currently shows one planned for filming in Houston. Good luck.


Hope R. -

Congratulations! Please keep us posted!

A lot of people really want to know what's going on.


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