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January 12, 2004


Your action, much more than the sign, would make Smoky Bear swell with pride!

Way to go!


From a professional fire fighter for the city of Big Spring, most grass fires fall in the jurisdiction of the Volunteer Fire Dept. I will not state their level of competency, but I will say had any menber of my Dept responded to said fire, it would have been completely extinguished before we left scene.


Thanks for your input.

I relayed my experience to a firefighter, and he told me that many times they can't completely extinguish a large grass fire. They just do their best to get it under control, and it will go out on its own. Perhaps that was the theory at work that day.

I don't know where the Eastern city limit of Big Spring is, but if the refinery lies outside the city then a fire there could be a serious challenge for the volunteers.

Regardless of that, please know that I have tremendous respect for firefighters and everyone else involved in emergency services whether they are paid or whether they are volunteers. It's an often dirty job, and it may seem to be a thankless job to you. So, here's a "Thank You" from one citizen for your efforts to make all of us a little bit safer.


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