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March 23, 2004


perfect description of the people and things happening on the set! And, I'm even in one of those pics! LOL BAD PIC TOO! OMG! LOL

>>>>Morgan Farris plays L.V. Miles in the movie<<<<

Actually Morgan farris is the little girl playing Billy Bobs daughter. LV is played by Grover somebody. I sat and talked to him for about 30 mins one nite.

Thanks Peg.

I've corrected the error. Hopefully, if anyone knows Grover's last name they'll get in touch.


Hi Theresa, a couple of things...
The man who played LV's name is Grover COULSON. My last name is TRAVIS.
...and last but not least, I took exception with your depiction of the 2nd AD David as "rude and condesending." I am sorry if he offended you out there but after 2months of 14 hr days you too might lose some of your sunnyness! A thick skin helps out in this business!
Anyway it was nice to talk to you on the set and hang out!
all the best,
PS: Don't forget to send me some pics!

Great site!

I disagree with your comments about the director Peter Berg, the A.D. David, Derek Luke, and other negative comments you've made.

As Texans, we DO WANT them to consider filming future productions here.

Hi Cara. Of course we want to see movies made in Texas. It is good for the economy, but does that mean we can't have opinions on what we observe while they are here? You may not agree with my observations, but many other people that were at the filming did agree. If you were there and had different observations, I think you should feel free to write about them and post them. If you weren't there, then maybe you might consider that I was just reporting the facts as I observed them. I will leave false praise up to the politicians. I think it is interesting that you dwelled on the negatives but didn't seem to notice all the heartfelt compliments given to many other people on the cast and crew. I don't think I said anything bad about Peter Berg either--I said he was intense, which isn't at all bad in his position as a director. Again, if you had a different experience on the set, I encourage you to write about it. Besides, do you really think my opinion matters at all to those guys? I seriously doubt it. tmcmahan

I was playing an extra when "David" made the comments and you described it perfectly. It was condescending and rude in my opinion and very obvious that these crew was totally oblivious to Texans -- even though most of the crew was from Austin!

I just wanted to say that I can not wait for this Movie....I was able to hang out with Garrett Hedlund and Lee Young in Austin, Texas while they were there filming Friday Night Lights. The reason I was there I was hoping to meet Tim McGraw but he wasn't filming at the time so I wasn't able to meet him. I have been Tim's Fan since I was 10 years old. I am 21 now but it was AWESOME meeting and hanging out with Garrett and Lee. I was able to bring home a little something of Garretts, He let me wear his MINNISOTA NORTH STAR green cap and now it's mine. I am one LUCKY girl!!! hehe

Deidra Hofstetter

Morgan Farris goes to school with me at Georgetown Ninth Grade Campus.

i loved this movie. i had to go to the movies to see it. the dvd has lots of ex. stuff in it that was the best. i cried at the end because it was like our season. i know what they were fealing. i wish this movie could go on and on.

Hey everbody I just wanna take this time 2 tell everyone that my man Jay Hernandez is a sexy beast!!!! He makes the movie the movie u feel me?!?

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