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May 07, 2004


Teresa, The "game" where Billingsly comes out of the stands to yell at Don was a PRACTICE!
Get it right.

Ouch!! Did I hit a nerve with Nick? Guess so. Anyway, I was told it was during a game and since it was hard to figure out during filming if it was being shot as a practice or a game, I assume that the person that passed this along to me got it confused. You see in real life, practices are held at Permian, not at Ratliff, so it was a bit confusing to know exactly what they were filming since it was all filmed at Ratliff. Incidentally, Nick, that wouldn't happen at practice either. Maybe after practice, but parents certainly didn't act like that when my son played and I went to almost every practice during that time. I have spent much of my life around, or involved as a parent, with the football program and I never observed anyone behaving like that. So, you see, it doesn't really matter if it was a practice or a game; therefore, I did get it right--that type of behavior doesn't happen. My point was that it concerned me that we might be totally misrepresented by scenes like this one.

at the end of Fri Night Lights, flashed on the screen was what the real life players are doing now. I missed some of it and thought you might have the information about their jobs and families

Thanks alot,


Hi Corky,
I might not get this exactly right since I am writing strictly from my memory, but I am sure someone will correct any errors.
James "Boobie" Miles lives in Monahans with his twin boy and girl. He has done odd jobs around the area for several years, and as you may have seen in the movie, was given a part as an assistant coach. During filming, he was very nice and really was great with his kids.
Brian Chavez graduated from Permian as Validictorian, went to Harvard undergraduate and graduated with honors from Harvard. He then went to Texas Tech to finish Law School. I believe he did a year stint at UT Austin, but his law school degree is from Texas Tech. He is now a criminal lawyer here in Odessa. He was on the set some, but not a great deal. Seemed like a nice enough guy though...
Don Billingsly ended up getting a Master's in Counselling and, I think, is working somewhere in Oklahoma. Also, I think he is married with 2 kids. The movie fictionalized his dad's relationship with him, and my understanding is that they really have a good relationship.
Mike Winchell went to several different colleges, but ended up with a Bachellor's in Marketing and works as a surveyor in the Dallas area somewhere.
I don't have any information about Ivory Christian except that he did not end up going into the ministry.
Gary Gaines was the coach at San Angelo for several years (and may still be), but I am not sure of much more.I have heard from his past players and from Odessa residents that he was really a great guy and a very strong family man. Hope this helps and if anyone knows more, please feel free to add your knowledge. teresa

If anyone wonders what is true and what is fiction in the movie FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, I would suggest tat yuo read the actual book. I know for a fact that Charles Billingsley was not an abusive father as the movie portrays, and there was hardly a storyline in the book about him. The producers changed several aspects of the story to make for a big Hollywood ending.

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