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May 24, 2004


hey there! I was an extra also. It was so much fun... But I am the only person thus far, that has written about being an extra in the "kegger scene" that was insane! I got fake beer poured down my blouse (oh well it was ugly) :) and I was asked by peter to "go find a guy to make out with" hahah it was a scary first-film experience. BUT I guess I should get used to that if I want to become an actress, right?? haha...anyways- all of the actors i met, or just talked to were so nice, it was crazy (derek luke, lucas black, jay hernandez, garrett hedlund- the newbie:) ) they were all sweet. It was an awesome experience that I hope I will repeat many times ( just with bigger roles) *wink wink*

Hey everyone... Yes... the kegger scene was put in to add a bit of "hollywood flair", i believe- if you know what I mean. It is only a paragraph in the book but, you know how it goes. It takes place at Brian Chavez's (hernandez) house after a victory game. and it is also the setting for some of the movie's umm...primal teenage emotions...lets just say. It was a lot of fun to be in, surreal - but fun

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