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August 25, 2004


definetley my new favorite movie...

Joy, I loved it too. It's been years since I saw it -- I think I'll rent it and watch it again.

Glad to have finally searched "Travelocity Gnome Amelie" together today and found your blog. I had suspected the same thing since I first saw Travelocity's Gnomes, which I adore, perhaps as an extension of my long fascination with Amelie. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for visiting, Lee. Travelocity certainly has gotten a log of mileage out of that gnome!

It is strange to see just how many sites there are
about this topic! I don't know if I will ever have to be back, but it's good to know I stumbled upon the one that has some helpful info if this should come up for me again.

Your blog is just what was looking for. You have no idea how long I have
been pondering the same exact thing! I am so
ecstatic that I am not alone.

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