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September 07, 2004


Probably several things. Ector Co. in the 60's and 70's was somewhat larger than Midland Co., but the biggest factor was the number of draft age men going to college from Midland compared with Odessa. There was a disparity in the income and educational levels, more so than now.

Vietnam '71

Please check out our website at www.vetransmemorial.us. We are attempting to write biographies and collect pictures on each of the 225 names on the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorials. I am the point of contact for this activity. The disparity of the names as it relates to each county is primarily due to socio-economic factors and the population of the Permian Basin during the 60's and 70's. While Midland and Odessa are relatively equal in population today, at that time Odessa was larger than Midland by 10,000 or so people and the population of Odessa was more blue collar as Midland was more white collar. Today Midland is about 5, 000 more than Odessa, but the socio-economic factors are still there, although not as narrow as was in th 60s and 70's.

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