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October 07, 2004


One of the things that made this counrty great is the work ethic. Mom & Dad instilled this in us. I believe that we have passed this on to our children. We are responsible for ourselves & our family & don't expect the government to take care of us. Too many people don't feel this way. President Obama is throwing money at the problem instead of letting it work itself out. Propping General Motors up will not fix the problem, just make it worse. GM is failing for a reason. GM will still have to deal with labor unions etc. if this so-called bail out continues.Guess who will pay for it. You, me, our kids & grandkids. No thanks. I guess that I haven't figured Obama out. I thought he was sencere about getting the ecomomy straightened out. Instead he seems headed toward some kind of European style of socialism. The dollar numbers are staggering. A certain amount of government assistance may be acceptable but this is insane. (Yes I voted for McCain). OK. So much for my opinion. However, I am entitled to it. I do vote.

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