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January 13, 2005


Very interesting......this occured about a year after my family moved to Midland.

Wallace, after this your family probably had some serious second thoughts about moving here.

Thank you for the story on my grandfather. I never felt comfortable enough to ask my father or my grandfather's friends the story behind my grandfather's murder. He truly was a hero, as I've always known. Because of him and other heroes, both dead and alive, we, the public sleep easier. My father and his siblings have had it really hard. The struggles in thier lives were not in vain. I wish I had had his influence in my life, but he had taken a bad man off the street, and also because of his death, Midland started its work with police dogs, a suggestion my grandfather had made earlier. Sometimes ideas aren't realized until their usefullness is made concrete. I hope people realize the sacrifices police officers make in order to keep us safe. Sure getting pulled over for speeding is a hassle, but it saves lifes. Not enough people respect the police. They are only happy to see them when they need them. I pray the MPD sees no more fallen officers. You guys and ladies are my heroes, God Bless.

George, thank you for sharing this with the readers. I remember the pain and anguish of that day as clearly as if it was yesterday. Since then, as a former Commissioner on the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, I have attended more officers' funerals than I want to think of. Every time, for all these years, I remember Lt. Smith and his family. This past July 4, my husband celebrated 45 years as a law enforcement officer. They are a special breed and I am proud of each and every one of them.

As in 1961 black men are still presumed Guilty. It sure is refreshing to see that nothing has changed much.

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