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April 09, 2005


Thank you soo much finally someone who doesnt make my dad sound like a jerk because he wasnt he was the greatest dad ever. i loved him more than anything and he was awesome i jus hope those police officer know what they did to our family. He didnt deserve to be killed, but he is in a better place now. Thank you again for being positive.
Brittani Hammock


My heart goes out to you. I wish life had a rewind button so that we could go back and change the outcome of things like this. But life keeps going forward, and the best that we can do is try to live with the tragedies and make the most of the good things that come our way.

My most sincere condolences to you and your family in this time of tragedy.


Dearest Brittani,

I know your dad was a great guy. He was kind, handsome man. He had a kind word and a smile for everybody.

What happened to your daddy was wrong.

I am sorry that someone your age has had to be directly related to such a miscarriage of justice.

You are old enough to take a stand and testify to what heartache the needless death of your dad has brought to your family.

Stay smart, stay in school and take the initiative to testify and make known your experience in the hopes that someone will eventually listen...and they will, but you will have to make the decision makers listen and not let them forget until this problem is fixed.

You can't bring your dad back but you can make sure this stops happening.

Make sure everyone knows your story and that Eric's death does not become a forgotten statistic until the next kid's dad dies needlessly.

You are young and smart enough to make a difference.

Forgive, but stay mad.


Check out this website and make sure everyone you know reads these stories about the inappropriate use of tasers.


"this whole thing was indeed a kick in the chest" that's so cruel!

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