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May 10, 2005


So, let's see: Two dogs, which had crossed the fence and bitten him before, were menacing the guy from across the fence, so he pepper-sprayed them. So far so good, I'd have done the same, and the dogs would probably not try it again. So the owner, a law officer, jumps the fence, and physically assaults the man on his own property. Trespassing, assault, battery. Right. The guy pulls a gun to defend himself, and the officer/assailant backs off. Sounds like the kind of case the NRA would print in their magazine as an example of right-to-carry laws working the way they are supposed to.

And the trial of the constable for the trespass and assault starts when?

Excellent point by Greg.

Those who work in the criminal justice system 'take care of their own.' I wouldnt be surprised if the criminal charges were brought in an effort to forestall or prevent the filing by Jurgensen of a civil suit for damages against Constable Harris.

There were no one heroes to come out of this thing. It was a volatile situation, and both men overreacted.

Agreed, both overreacted. Mr Jurgenson overreacted at the point that he aimed a gun at the constable with his finger on the trigger. Had he simply taken a few steps back after administering the front-snap kick, and put his hand on the grip of the gun, without unholstering it, he would have still been capable of defending himself. Defending one's self when attacked is not overreacting, but one should never aim a weapon at someone, with finger on the trigger, unless one intends to shoot.

Excellent point, Greg.

I have dealt with Mr. Harris in the past and he is without a doubt one of the most arrogant people I've seen. I'm sure he thought his macho cop crap would scare Mr. Jurgeson. I would have probably done what George suggested, but who knows, Mr. Harris might have shot him and of course we know in Midland that would have been ruled justifiable homicide.

If a man crosses over into a nother mans property isnt that tresspassing? I would have peppered mr.harris, rather than what had happened. None the less I have a grandaughter of his that needs to know who her family is. born sept. 4th, 2001

This case is very interesting. As I was reading I though Mr. Jurgensen should be innocent, but he did pull a gun with hollow point bullets on Mr. Harris. Either way the point is that often times the most important thing is getting a good lawyer. This especially applies to divorce situation that can sometimes get messy.

Should have just shot him. Someone comes on my property and assaults me is not going to get a second chance. When the cops find his carcass face down in my yard there will be no doubt who was in the wrong.

That's one way to respond, Robert. But it would go to the grand jury, and they would decide whether the shooting was justified.

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