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July 17, 2005


Well, a violent person under the influence of drugs is THE most likely person to use the Taser on. Let's remember what the alternative(s) are to the Taser right now: bullets, batons, or lawlessness. Since people will not stop abusing drugs or fighting cops, right now this is what we have.

The Midland PD has had pretty good luck with a gun that shoots a rubber bullet about the size of a billiard ball.

It leave a bruise but so far at least it hasn't killed anyone.

They haven't killed anyone in Midland, but all the kinetic 'less than lethal' devices can kill, you just have to be lucky.

And, that's beside the point. There's no way every patrol officer could carry one of those guns (which shoots once, then has to be reloaded), but they can carry the taser, which is smaller, and can be used several times, as needed.

The rubber bullet gun is just one of them. There's also a gun that shoots pellets containing some sort of pepper.

GruntDoc, I don't have the stats, but I sincerely doubt that the Taser is the least lethal of the "non-lethal" weapons.

But, as for convenience, I agree with you that Tasers are extremely easy to use, as needed or not. And clearly some jurisdictions are willing to make that trade off.

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A taser gun is just like a stun gun but it is more effective in terms of its voltage and in some other aspects as well. It is a long-ranged weapon which means that it can pick off targets at long distance as well.

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