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August 14, 2005


I really wanted to make the scene at doggie splash days, but the Big Gold Dog is getting a little old for that kinda' activity and the other dog, Daphne, is a little too young and active to be around that many other dogs. Maybe next year.

In decades past I've always taken my Big Gold Dogs down the street to the "duck pond" to swim but this has gotten to be politically incorrect. I started to get busted by an old lady who lived across the street. She was always concerned that my Goldens would swim after, catch and eat a duck. My comment to her was that if a swimming dog could catch a duck....that duck is probably not long for the world anyway. She wasn't amused.

I went to high school with Doug Russell....as a bit of trivia.

Caeser would go down that ramp and than immediately try to grab onto the metal railing or go straight for the edge and try to get out. After a while though I finally got him to start jumping in.

Only thing I regret was my neglect to wear sunscreen. Even though it was cloudy somewhat I got burnt real bad on my arms and neck.


It's so easy for dog owners to let their dogs run loose for short periods of time, and I suspect that is one of the reasons why the fund raising for the proposed dog park has been so slow.

Where is Doug Russell now?


I looked for Caeser but didn't see him. We must have been there at diffent time.

Maybe next year.

I was there from 11:30 to about 1:30. I had him on the leash most of the time in the shallow end.


We must have crossed paths. I got there just about the time you left.

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