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September 06, 2005


I tend to sit left of center and so am not much of a fan of President Bush. But neither am I a Bush-hater. Yes, believe it or not, I'm one of the few middle of the road Americans left. I do believe the response from the government to the devastation was slow, was anemic, was maybe pathetic. But I believe that started with local New Orleans government, worked up through Louisiana state government, and stopped at the US gov't. However, now is not the time to point fingers, from either side. Now is the time to save people and save New Orleans. The extreme left needs to stop screaming about Bush and the extreme right needs to stop screaming about the NO mayor and the LA governor. Come on, let's solve the problem, then we can beat outselves silly screaming at each other.

Although I am not that surprised, I am still a bit amazed at how unwilling folks are to admit that the federal response was severely flawed from the beginning. What we are seeing is the result of removing FEMA from a cabinet level posting and placing someone in charge of it that did not have the experience or credentials to hold such a position. No, the New Orleans and Louisiana governments were not completely prepared for this disaster. But they also were not receiving the appropriate federal support for preparation. And, anyone who is willing to face the truth, has to admit that it was pretty apalling to hear the President of the United States say that no one could have imagined or predicted the flooding of New Orleans when FEMA had admitted that it was one of the three most likely disaster scenarios. If that's not out of touch with what's going on, I don't know what is.

As for the insinuation that liberals are not pulling their fair share in the recovery methods, give me a break. Liberals, moderates, and conservatives alike are doing everything in their power to provide the aid that our government has not been able to provide. Don't knock the efforts of other folks even if you don't agree with their politics. What matters is the good work that we are all doing.

Trey, well said. Score one for the Middle!

But, I'm not yet ready to let the New Orleans and Louisiana politicians off the hook. If we do that then whatever springs up in the old New Orleans' place will be no better than the old one.

Historydoc, from what I've read, FEMA performed at about the same level with Katrina as it did with previous hurricanes. The big difference with Katrina was that there were incompetent local and state governments doing more harm than good, and the result was disastrous.

I think the President has been in a no-win situation since the year 2000. There are those who are going to be appalled by whatever he says or does. If the federal government had gone in and pushed aside the state and local government officials and taken over then those who are now blaming Bush would applaud him. Yeah right.

But, let me apologize if I knocked your efforts to help the hurricane victims. Kudos to you for whatever you are doing to help those people.

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