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December 01, 2005


We were there on the way to Ruidoso over Labor Day. Good to see it back open even if my Cardiologist has ordered me to stay away.

I had a hamburger...rather normally sized.

The very first time (many years ago) I stopped at Buddy's I was traveling to Odessa on business. It was lunch and the place was full. After just a moment of looking around an older couple waved me over and offered to share their booth. I accepted and had a chance to visit while our meal was being prepared. I too had grown up in a small town like Andrews and had the distinct feeling that this was like my hometown. I was right for the people were friendly and spoke easily. When my food came, the couple stayed at the table until I finished. We left together and I paid their tab. After I re-located to Lubbock, I've had occasion to stop many times and see this couple as well as a number of other local people to the point that some thought I had moved to Andrews. Oh, and all the things I have eaten there have been very good, including the steak fingers. Highly recommeneded and not just for the food.

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