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April 22, 2007


Wow, George - thanks for the kudos! We had a great time...I'm so glad you saw improvements from last year. We want to do well, as well as serve the cause well. Thanks so much for volunteering...no way can we do what we do without volunteers!! Y'all are awesome!!!

By the way, did you see Seago hanging on to that money bag? No way was he going to put that bad boy in jeopardy. He is awesome. He told me what was in it, and just grinned. This was his first shoot (I think!) - I hope he is as impressed as you are!!

Keep up the good work, Janie.

Say, there's an Olympic coach who wants to visit with you, George. 23 mph is world record time -- at any distance! ;-)

(That's what you get for posting in front of accountants.)

Eric, 23 was the gap. But yeah, I caught up with it, once it snagged a bush.

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