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June 20, 2007



I have to admit, though, the campaign would be a lot more enjoyable if all the candidates would put themselves in the crosshairs like this.

It's loads of fun Eric. Of course this is why the best and brightest will never run for public office.

"The Clintons" starring Bill and Hillary Clinton. With Special Guest Star Vince Foster.

There was an article by Noemie Emory in "The Weekly Standard" talking about the Clinton soap opera. Her first, that I've seen, relaxed foray into serious humor.

But there is a difference. Treating the Clintons like a soap opera is a funny metaphor of them, but doesn't really quite touch the disease. Bill, a bright, undisciplined, talented, unprincipled, immature walking erection, viewed the world as his therapy session. Dick Morris said he couldn't eat breakfast without an audience.

And then there is Our Empress, a humorless power-mad woman of steely ambition and discipline, determined to impose her way on other people and I am convinced that what she wants to do is not as important that the tells people what to do. She's bossy.

The Sopranos? Ah. A few murders, a few thefts. Betrayals in a family which, because they take place en famille, seem worse than lies and betrayals which are somehow impersonal when done on a huge scope.

Perhaps I'm reaching to suggest that reading about a concentration camp is not as affecting as reading about a patricide or infanticide or matricide because the scale makes it incomprehensible.

By any measure the Clintons are infinitely worse than any crime family.

Theo, that's a very astute observation about scale. The same rationale might apply to the outrage over civilian casualties in Iraq versus the indifference to the atrocities during Saddam's regime.

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