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July 19, 2007


And I predict that Travolta will surprise you!

I have no idea why they want to remake this; the original stands quite well on its own, even today (and 1988 wasn't that long ago).

Eric, I was not a big Divine fan, but after he died I began to appreciate how courageous he was. I'm not a big Travolta fan now, but who knows what the future holds?

P.S. Now I know how to get you to leave a comment here.

We didn't get to see the original (but may rent it, now!) but went to see Hairspray last night and loved it!

Travolta did a great job. We had a great time.

PS - but Walken walked away with it, as did newcomer Nikky Blonski!

Thanks Janie. I was a little negative about it, but now I might try to see it.

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