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October 14, 2007


How many pecks in a chicken? Why would anyone teach pecks as a unit of volume? As we live in a global community. The whole world works on a metric system so our students will not be able to communicate if they don't know the metric system. I worked in Detroit 10 years ago and damn it we converted everything into metric. it isn't hard, the rest of the world is using it, and it is dumbing U.S. people. Adapt and compete at the global level...we need to be globally valuable so that we have a decent economy!!!

Think metric...not obsolete measure of peck...how many drams in a stone...?
Units are important and obviously hard to transfer so teach the new stuff not quarts pints and thimblefulls.

for the better of the U.S. and everyone that has to deal with us...i guess

Captain America

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