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November 24, 2007


Did you try it?

George, I'm dating myself with this comment, but your post took me back to the chhildhood, when my father would occasionally bring home C-Rations from "the office." They were fun ..... a treat, really. And I enjoyed eating them.

Janie, yep, ate the whole thing. Not exactly 5 star food, but it would certainly hit the spot when there's nothing else to eat. I like to keep a few on hand in the event of a disaster.

Jeff, I bet those c-rations were a real treat for a kid. The kids in my neighborhood re-fought the movie version of WWII quite frequently. And to have had some c-rations in our war games would have really been cool.

Lee Ermey opened a can of WWII c-rations on his TV show a couple of years ago, and the contents were completely dry. They had a long shelf life, but not that long.

By the way, uh, what kind of "office" was that, Jeff?

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