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December 04, 2007


George, good post ... thanks for sharing. Some of us are old enough to remember when faith was a particularly acute, political issue, back in the early 60s, as some Protestant voters in the United States struggled with the idea of a Catholic as President ..... heck, in North Carolina, at that time, we still had a bunch of mooks parading down the street in white sheets, protesting - among other things - 'the Papists.'

Thanks Jeff. People must still be struggling, but at least they aren't parading in sheets.

It's not the religious affiliation that is important to me. It is the morals, ethics, integrity, and sense of honor, the things that set this country apart from much of the world that I believe are vital. Frankly George Bush's compromises (ie. torture, habeas corpus at Guantanamo bay, and a few others) in these areas are a big disappointment and reflect badly on his claim of Christianity.

Bob, you must be following Boumediene v. Bush. I guess we'll find out how the Supreme Court thinks about it.

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