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January 10, 2008


I'm not denying that the likes of Chris Rock & Carlos Mencia are funny, but I attribute more talent and more comedic skill to those who can make me laugh - and even sometimes think - without always falling back on racial-issue punchlines to do so.

And I'm more than a little convinced that the very people who complain about the racial stereotypes are quite often the ones who're perpetuating it. Back when the whole Imus thing blew up, it really aggravated me that he was chastised for using some of the very same verbiage that many, many, urban entertainers use routinely. I'm all for stringing up Imus by his toenails for his insensitivity - just so long as we apply that same treatment to everyone else, regardless of their ethnicity or color.

Well said, Rob O.

If we were all color blind that word "racist" would include a lot of people who probably think it shouldn't apply to them.

This is a long time that I tried to attend one of Chris Rock’s concerts but I’ve never been lucky. Also it’s due to ticket prices that are really sky rocked whenever there’s a celebrity’s concert like Chris Rock.
The guy sooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!

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