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January 24, 2008


Thanks for providing the complaint and response, George. It appears to me an objective judge would be hard-pressed to find in favor of the defendants. One party seems to be pretty specific and the other is a bit evasive considering public comments made during the selection process.

I've long been a fan of biblical history but I don't think today's high school learning environment is conducive to the critical thinking the subject deserves.

Then again, maybe I'm too old and don't give today's teens enough credit. Now excuse me while I go tell those kids to get off my lawn.

Les, it's possible and maybe likely that those who want the Bible classes in public schools aren't as much concerned with history as they are with proselytizing. And if the case goes to trial then a jury would probably hear testimony about that.

Something I wish the proponents of Bible classes would consider is that if the door is opened for that, then Koran classes can't be too far behind.

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