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February 18, 2008


A constable serves the Justice of the Peace's office. They serve warrants, both civil and criminal. At one time, they served as "mini-sheriffs", my own terminology.

There was one Justice of the Peace, that took care of mainly misdemeanor stuff. The constable took care of that end of things. The sheriff took care of overall law enforcement in the county. Several years ago, many minority groups said that having one JP was discriminatory, and sued. Now we have as many Jp's as there are county commissioners in a given county.

A constable is also the only LE officer than is allowed, by law, to arrest a sheriff while the sheriff is on duty.

Thanks for that background, MKFJ. That's interesting.

What? Only law enforcement officer allowed by law to arrest an on-duty sheriff? Where did you get that? Wikipedia?

Papa Smurf, sounds like that issue might need more research. Thanks.

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