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May 24, 2008


Here we have another individual who hasn’t taken enough law classes, had any experience in Law Enforcement, nor studied the legal process to have an understanding of it, and chooses to use bits and pieces of other individuals’ written and verbal communications in order to make their argument sound more appealing and factually correct.

I would like to make clear to you that in every aspect of your diatribe you were mistaken. To make it easier for you to read and reference later I will provide the information in a list format, don’t worry it will only hurt your pride but then again you didn’t mind attacking anyone else.

Sleepless in Midland (SIM): “If he had been offered the opportunity to present himself at the jail on his own it would seem reasonable to assume he would have taken that opportunity. But no.”

Me: It would seem reasonable that a well respected educated man would surrender without difficulty, but as you pointed out for me he did already try to commit suicide once why give him another opportunity with a time hack to finish the job, at least with you in charge we would have all the jail space we need as proliferators of child porn everywhere off themselves with your blessing, you are brilliant in your ineptness.

SIM: “The whole scene appeared to have been orchestrated to maximize Mr. David Allen's humiliation.” Later you call it the tv perp walk.

Me: Do you know how many people make that walk every year? Damn near a thousand new ones every year based off of a Law Enforcement officers investigation. Should we commission a board for special treatment that decide which ones have to walk into the courthouse restrained or not based off of any public opinion that this person would never do anything to harm someone else, to cause them to get harmed, or themselves because they weren’t restrained properly. Maybe we could put you at the head of that board, that way with all of your years of experience in conducting law enforcement operations you could let us know what a bad job we are doing. After all we train for months, sometimes years, handle adversity that you run from, and have decades of experience (application of restraints), what could we possibly know. We do this knowing that some ignoramus will wax philosophical about how their opinion, with no facts, training, or experience is somehow important.

SIM: "And here's some irony. According to Bob Campbell's report, the prosecutor wants Mr. Allen held without bond in part because "[Mr. Allen] is a danger to the community and apparently to himself" as evidenced by his having been hospitalized for overdosing on panic disorder and anti-depression drugs. So here's what we have. The prosecution put Mr. Allen through a humiliating perp walk in front of TV cameras. Mr. Allen experienced an emotional reaction and took too many pills. And for this reaction the prosecutor wants him held without bond. If there was genuine concern for Mr. Allen's well being one has to question why they opted for the TV perp walk."

Me: Wow, so much material and only 4 gigabytes to use. So I will try to be brief, you are an idiot. Could you at least put the facts in their proper chronological order, not only have you knowingly misled people you have also made me writing about it that much more difficult. Yes, we keep suicidal people in custody and then we send them to receive specialized treatment, what a concept, we treat the sick (not too sure what we could do for you though). Mr. Allen didn’t try to commit suicide before the arrest he tried to commit suicide after he realized that police knew about his love for child pornography, namely when they took his computer. After he was arrested the AUSA’s (Assistant U.S. Attorney) moved to hold him for the suicide and the other reason, the whole proliferation of child pornography, that you just happen to miss because it didn’t jive with the crap that you were spewing. Yes, it is humiliating to walk in front of cameras after you’ve been arrested, my work around for that problem has always been don’t get arrested for Kiddie porn.

SIM: "So here are some relevant questions that hopefully will get answered before this is all over with. How many children did Mr. Allen physically touch in a sexual manner? If Mr. Allen didn't actually commit the injurious acts, who did? And have those people been prosecuted? Has the photographer been prosecuted?"

Me: Actually they are not relevant as they do not pertain to Mr. Allen, thank you for shoveling crap all over this, I'm sure it helps. You have no idea how to read do you, shame, I would expect better from someone with a news column. Anyway if you read the affidavit you would realize that no one charged Mr. Allen with touching any children, let me make it just a tad bit easier for you, NO TOUCH!! He was charged with Kiddie porn remember, remember, I want you to remember, please remember so I can move on. “If Mr. Allen didn't actually commit the injurious acts, who did? And have those people been prosecuted? Has the photographer been prosecuted?” Umm… yes, back to how much you don’t know about the legal system and criminal investigations, may I suggest that you take a class or ask someone. Even better stop thinking that you should be made aware of every aspect of this investigation because you are actually that important.

SIM: And here's the obligatory disclaimer. I would never intentionally harm a child. I'm definitely not a fan of kiddie porn. But I strongly disapprove of these televised perp walks which don't achieve any real justice and don't seem to have any other purpose than to publicly humiliate someone we are supposed to presume is innocent.

Me: You have no idea how happy I am that you’re not a fan of Kiddie porn. That’s considered normal just in case you were wondering. I’ve already addressed the perp walk thing, so we will move on. Presumed innocent, now here is a favorite topic that I have enjoyed over the years. You may wonder why, and the answer is, because once again it’s only half of a statement. Allow me to assist you, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, there is also the whole jury of your peers’ thing but I don’t want to confuse you. Everyone equally is allowed to have an opinion and also equally have absolutely no one care what that opinion is. Unless you are the judge or the jury you can presume that this person is guilty or not, it’s left solely up to you. Now the jury they decide unless someone elects to have a judge here their case, in that case the judge will decide.

I hope you have found this informative and I also hope you take the time to clean up the crap that you write in your article. I would also prefer that when you use a person’s comments that you use (this includes mine) them in the context that they were provided that way I don’t have to waste an hour of my time informing you that you are indeed a jackass and if you would have only taking those legal classes in school we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I would also like to take a moment for all law enforcement to say thank you for your support as you ridicule and bash your way through your news article. Thank you for your time.

Questions for you LEO -

Someone notified the local newspaper and every local tv station in advance of this arrest. Do you know who that was?

I think that if this goes to trial that tv perp walk could come back to bite the prosecution. Do your law enforcement classes encourage you to notify news media before an arrest?

I will give you some possibilities, but do I know where the information came from, no, but I'm not assuming either just because I have a lack of information. Ask the media where they got the information from, if the warrant isn't sealed than any person, including the media can have access to it (FOIA) or did you know that the local media has police scanners, that simply an accidental broadcast could have alerted the newsroom or that someone who saw the arrest called it in since it is possible that the ICE agents went from the arrest location to their office giving them plenty of time to set up. Actually the perp walk will have no impact on the case as I mentioned before other wanted individuals make that trip all the time.

Take the mission statement of ICE and substutie "Nazi Germany" for "America" and "United States".

Since when is any member of law enforcement allowed to comment on a case, either personally or officially? It seems to me that any person who holds themselves out to be a part of law enforcement should not be saying any of these things. I have forwarded a copy of this page to Dr. Allen's attorneys and will let them handle it, but in my humble opinion, this appears to be an attempt to influence the jury pool.

What load of crap have you been reading “Sleepless in Toronto”? Any person is allowed to comment on anything, even a police officer. You do know that we are humans, don't you! The only people that can't comment on an ongoing case are those that are involved in the investigation. Do you hypocritical people have a group where you sit around and make your garbage up? What exactly is this crap "It seems to me that any person who holds themselves out to be a part of law enforcement should not be saying any of these things", what is this? Where on gods green earth do they teach such utter nonsense? Haven't you ever heard of freedom of speech or are you so full of yourself that you actually believe that these rights don’t belong to everybody? That you can decide who can talk about what? Are you that conceded and arrogant that you actually believe that you decide who has rights? You must hold yourself in very high esteem that you get to dictate all by your lonesome that you decide who enjoys the rights of this country, especially police officers

LEO, you are a guest at this site exercising a revocable privilege, not a right. First you insulted me, but that's ok, I can take it. But now you've insulted another guest. If you believe that you are merely exercising free speech then you shouldn't have anything to hide. It's time for you to identify yourself.

First, you can revoke away, ...

[Done. Note from the management: Rude and insulting comments will not be tolerated here.]

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