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June 20, 2008


Black Gold! First of all - a race???? I'll bet these guys didn't know they were racing. Show #1-- Driller leaves pump kicked in on a connection. He states he must have had his head up his butt. Well so did every floorhand then , the pump pressure guage is mounted eye high to all floorhands. The rig also sounds very different with the pump kicked out. This is #1 clue that hollywood has invaded the oil patch.
#2 - Peanut gets hit with a spinning chain???? Bullshit! Slow it down on Tivo and you will see peanut glance at chain hand and duck a full 5 seconds before chain hand LETS GO of spinning chain tail. This is an automatic ass whoopin if done for real.
#3--Driller argues with company man--- Real life--cya-you can put clothes where the watercan goes!!!
#4--Mike really can't shoot and no self respecting West Texas oilman , would allow that to be shown on TV, unless it was just for the show.
#5--Unless my eyes decieve me --when stuck and talking about the rig could blow--the rig crew is setting intermediate casing.
Now I'm just as big a fan of tv as most , but now I have to wonder "Do the crab fishermen on DEADLIEST CATCH really have to take those boats out in bad weather or is it just for HOLLYWOOD????

Excellent points, Scotte. Thanks!

Yeah, that part about the chain hitting Peanut did raise some questions. I think a well trained floor hand is supposed to apply the tongs then step back until the chain slowed and definitely not put his head too close to it.

My wife and I watched "Black Gold", and we have never laughed so hard in our lives. How moronic. The only thing that looked anywhere close to reality was the drinking at Dos Amigos. And even my wife caught the driller leaving the pump kicked in when they made a connection. He probably did it for added drama for the camera crew.

Thanks for that, Joe.

Yeah, some of it looked a little contrived. Hollywoodized, maybe. It's as if they went out of their way to make it look muddy.

First of all, the show was played up a bit. I do work on a rig but we work 7 and 7(one week on and one week off). These guys acted like their schedule was just so hard but they were only working 8 hours a day. Then, they have time to go out and still make it home to sleep in their own beds. We live on the drilling location and work at least 12 hrs a day. Everytime my wife and I heard one of them say "It's gonna blow!" we just laughed. We had to evacuate my rig 12 times on the last hole that we drilled due to a deadly gas called H2S (hydrogen sulfide). One concentrated breath of H2S is enough to kill a grown man. I did meet the crew that was filming the show and they are the same crew that filmed The Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers if that tells you anything. I met up with them while washing my greasers in Midland, TX. They were nice guys and all but they really didn't understand anything about what we do. About Peanut getting hit by the spinning chain, I think that they were just showing what could happen and then played it up like it was real. When I was a worm just getting broke out, if I didn't learn to move then I got hit by the chain. Trust me, it doesn't feel good but you learn real quick to get out of the way. I've done it to a worm before too. He just wouldn't learn. That's just how it is though. You learn from experience on the rig. It is a tough industry though. Those guys had it easy. We don't get paid what we do because our job is easy. Most of us really enjoy what we do though. I could list a hundred positives but when I first started, I could probably list a hundred negatives. I hope that I can give anyone out there some insight on what we go through so if ya'll have any questions just let me hear em. I'm probably going to be home for a while this time because on my last hitch I shattered my ankle and tore a ligament. It's just the nature of the business. I hope the industry is still booming when I'm able to get back to work.

Thanks for that, Roughneckdaddy. It's great to get input from someone with recent experience. The price of oil took a big tumble since this show first aired, and I sure do hope the rigs are still running when you get back to work.

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