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July 12, 2008


I'm all for our American liberties, but I'm alos okay with the notion of sacrificing some freedoms when doing so can make for a safer country with fewer senseles fatalities. With that in mind, I'm ready to give up handguns. Citizens don't need 'em. Law enforcement and military servicemen? Certainly.

Look at the multitude of firearms accidents and crimes and I suspect that you'll find the vast majority are from handguns.

So, yes, if you're a hunter or someone who feels the need for a firearms for self-protection, keep your rifle, but give up the handgun. It's a pretty minor concession. Oh and by the way, once handguns are outlawed, the ammo specific to those needs to go as well. Sure, gangbangers & criminal elements will still find handguns on the downlow, but you know they aren't industrious enough to actually reload their bullets...

Rob O., the police are first responders and will show up a few minutes after they are called, but until then each of us must provide his/her own first line of defense against crime. And guns work very well to level the playing field between lawful citizens and those who would do them harm.

It's trite but true: ban guns and only outlaws will have guns. Throw bullets in there too and get the same results. See the illegal drug trade for an example of how ineffectual prohibitions are.

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