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August 26, 2008


Wouldn't "Barrack and I" be the most grammatically-correct option? I thought the correct way to sort this out is to drop the "XXX and" portion and fit the remaining pronoun to the sentence. Or am I just wackadoo?

Who goes first, that's the issue. I guess I wasn't being very clear. Sorry, Rob O.

I learned that the other guy/gal always goes first in a sentence. So if that's still considered correct usage, then "Barack and me" or "Barack and I" would be correct, but not "me and Barack."

And whether the word is "I" or "me" depends on whether I'm the subject -- "I" -- or an object -- "me."

Grammar rules change over time, but I think that since the schoolhouse where I learned it is still standing then the rule still applies, if only to me.

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