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October 19, 2008


Sarah Palin is doing the best she can, but she is playing out of her league.

At the convention, many of us were stunned - totally stunned. John picked her as the most qualified person in America?

Popular? Yes. For those of us doing the leg work like fund raising, she has been a disaster.

These many weeks we have had to spend valuable resources defending her to fellow Republicans. That is something we have never had to do in the closing days of a campaign.

Anonymous, that's a shame. But it demonstrates just how successful the msm campaign against her has been.

If you are working to raise money for the Republican Party I would think the hardest part wouldn't be defending Palin but defending the farm bill.

George, I disagree with part of your post. As a former debauched harlot of the mainstream media (whatever the heck THAT is) I deny any knowledge of such a campaign. George, I respect the service you provide to your readers, and the connection you provide to the community at-large ... but frankly, I start to get a little weary of the ceaseless mantras I read/hear about that calamitius cabal of which I was a part.

I've had the privelege and the pleasure of meeting thousands of people in the various media over the past 25 years, and working with/getting-to-know hundreds of them very well. There are good people out there, doing good work, sharing the good news - and the bad - that's happening. Sometimes, it's something bad that you don't want to hear, about someone you like ... or something good about someone you don't like.

Nothing wrong with disagreeing - that's your right, and your responsibility.

And in this day of total news saturation, there's bound to be a media outlet somewhere that you find to be fair and balanced, and worth your attention.

Jeff, call me crazy, but it sure looks like a double standard from where I sit. If industry insiders can't see it then perhaps that's one reason why it persists.

Maybe we are in a situation where some networks seek to appeal to an audience on one side of an issue and other networks seek to appeal to the other. I'm not so sure that's such a good thing for the networks or the audience.

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