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December 12, 2008


You make a good point. The Odessa police are corrupt, and do not need anything more than an unfounded and unsigned accusation before they break down a door. Mr. Cooper has been vindicated and his point is proven beyond doubt.

If an unsigned letter can be used to obtain a search warrant, why bother with the search warrant? Just write such a "letter" and leave it on your own desk.

As a victim of just such a corrupt police force, I hope some of these officers do time.

Yolanda Madden is the victim in this case.

Repack Rider -- It appeared to me that the letter and the outside appearance of the house gave them probable cause. People can disagree on that, but I believe that the elements necessary to prove probable cause are fairly well established in law And we have juries to decide the factual issues in real cases.

Free Yolanda -- See the previous post titled USA vs. Yolanda Jean Madden. If you want Ms. Madden's case to get more attention then you could obtain and post her writ of habeas corpus on the internet.

The Odessa American just reported on the front page that the preacher denies delivering the letter. This means the kops lied on the affidavit claiming a preacher brought the letter to them. They must have done this to make the letter appear more credible? There are some krazy kops in Odessa and KopBusters exposed their willingness to lie on a government documents to raid a house. You all should check out the story. Also go to the new kopbusters website and view the evidence: Yolanda passes polygraph and drug test. Informant passes polygraph. Officer Traveland's altered jail logs used to put Yolanda in prison.

My motives are good.

Barry Cooper

Mr. Cooper, if the police officer fabricated the part about Mr. Pierce's involvement and swore to its truth in the affidavit then that's a crime as well as a serious breach of the public trust.

However, it appears that the only item in contention regarding the affidavit is the part about Mr. Pierce.

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