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December 16, 2008


I would hope the award is for facing a deadly situation and surviving rather than for the killing of the civilian. Was that not the essence of the presentation?

Oh yeah, and I offer my congratulations to Chief Robinson.

Sorry. Next time I'll let the guy kill or take hostage the innocent civilians standing 20 feet away. Or I'll just throw myself at him and hope for the best. Would it make you feel better if I gave the medal back?

I would think the award appropriate if innocent lives were spared death or injury as a result of the officer's action.

Les -- You asked if the essence of the award was for facing a deadly situation and surviving rather than the killing of the civilian. Maybe it was. To verify that we would need to see a medal of valor given to someone who did that but didn't kill a civilian.

Polees --- If you were the recipient of such an award please give us the details of the incident.

Dom Evets -- You are right. If innocent lives were saved then the officer's actions would have been appropriate. That depends on the circumstance. In a circumstance in which the victim was held down by police, pointed his finger at the police and was shot dead it's difficult to count the lives saved.

To all -- Some of these incidents were probably captured on video tape, but the public never sees them. How about making the tapes public.

Obviously, this blogger has not been in a situation invovling a firefight. As a former Dallas Police SWAT member, I can tell you that the confrontation involving the use of deadly force against a "civilian" (in my book, once someone commits an offense, they are offenders, not just civilians) usually involves putting one's life on the line. To put yourself into a situation where the use of deadly force is warranted (and please be advised: deadly force works both ways!) is always dangerous. The use of deadly force also means protecting the innocent civilian who may be standing by, the innocent hostage, or the helpless child who is caught in the crossfire of a drug dealer's "payback." So, the next time an officer receives a medal of valor, think back and ask YOURself, where were you? I'll be damned if someone says I have to take a bullet or die as part of my job to protect you. My job is to take care of you, the city, and to come home to my family and kids. And yes, Chief Robinson will be a damn good chief!

I agree with you here. In the end, they do what they got to do, don't always have a lot of time to plan and make choices. And cops hopefully aren't motivated by opportunities for awards.

But killing someone is a less than ideal solution to a standoff, or a perp running away.

You are dead wrong on this one. No Police Officer wants to take a life and they always have to live with the fact that they did, no matter what the circumstances. You owe this Police Officer. and all the others out there who have been forced to use deadly force, an apology. Just remember the person who resists or who places others in peril has made a conscious choice and if they pay the ultimate price, so be it. It was their call. Police Officers are law enforcers, not social workers, regardless of how our liberal society tries to make them babysit those who choose to violate the law. As a former TCLEOSE Commissioner and the proud wife of a 47 year law enforcement officer, I'll thank the Police Officer any day before I'll be concerned about the criminal.

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