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December 05, 2008


The question of diligence in the investigation before securing the search warrant is valid. But, without the benefit of all the facts, it's impossible to judge fairly from here. Maybe we'll get to see the probably cause listed to secure the warrant.

On the other hand... considering that these are the same people with the Never Get Busted video product, and the icon used for the web site, I'm not sure I'll be nominating them for any Do Gooder awards.

Les, Mr. Cooper seems to be something of a guerrilla fighter in the war on drugs, and there shouldn't be any doubt which side he's on. Others who have condemned the war on drugs have made compelling arguments, and I'm not sure how far Mr. Cooper has advanced that cause.

However, based on the facts that have been presented to us it does appear that the police were a little too hasty, and Mr. Cooper helped inform that public about that practice.

Good point about the probable cause on the warrant application. They should make that public, or in the alternative, maybe Mr. Eddie Garcia might get and publish a copy.

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